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Take a Seastreak Ferry to Nantucket and Check Out a Distillery, Brewery, and Vineyard

  May 29, 2015  //  Nantucket

Ready for a relaxing summer getaway? We at Seastreak sure are. That’s why we’re bringing you the most civilized way to retreat from the hectic modern world. Catch a ride to Nantucket, MA with us this June, and discover the fastest way to get to this charismatic island! For folks looking for an excuse to…

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Shakespeare in the Park Begins with “The Tempest” on May 27

  May 28, 2015  //  Shakespeare in the Park

Theatergoers! You who are about to engage in trying to get tickets, we salute you! The annual gauntlet begins. Strap on your armor. Load your Nerf pistols to have duels at ten paces. Shakespeare returns to the park, with all the plots, pageantry, and participatory predicaments (such as, say, getting into the show) you have…

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Taste the Best of Atlantic Highlands at the Eats and Arts Festival

  May 27, 2015  //  Eats and Arts Festival

New Yorkers know we’ve got some of the best eateries around in the big city. Hungry diners less have to figure out where they can go, and more narrow down the choices to just one. You might not realize, however, that there’s delicious cuisine one short ferry ride over the river, in place with the…

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Have a Good Time for Science! Spend a Day at the World Science Festival

  May 26, 2015  //  World Science Festival

We can’t deny a certain fondness for the mad inventors in movies. They make crazy gadgets that power DeLoreans (we’re still waiting for our time-traveling catamaran), save our super spies (still waiting for the jet-powered ferry, too), and generally make us cackle with glee. Even better than those, however, are the real scientists who explain…

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Adventures Await on Historic Nantucket This Summer with Seastreak

  May 22, 2015  //  Nantucket, Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket, Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket with Seastreak

Have your summer vacations turned routine? Hum-drum, same old, same old? Want to find a more interesting locale where you can take in gorgeous sights, shop for mementos in fun shops, and maybe have an adventure or two? If that seems like a lot of work, or at least a lot of travel time, Seastreak…

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Taste Authentic Portuguese Foods at Lupulo

  May 21, 2015  //  Lupulo

We’re spoiled, in New York. In other parts of the country, there might not be a lot of choices if you want to try authentic food from around the world. You might find a French restaurant that nods toward the style, but you probably won’t get a good sense of the real flavors of France.…

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Celebrate the Stars and Stripes Forever at the AJ Dillon Art Gallery’s Patriotic Exhibition

  May 20, 2015  //  Stars and Stripes Forever Exhibit

For plenty of people across the country, this weekend is a long one, since Memorial Day happens on Monday. That makes it a perfect weekend to indulge your patriotism in the memory of the men and women who died for our country. Why not take time over these three days to celebrate America and her…

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Information and Excitement Collide at Internet Week New York

  May 19, 2015  //  Internet Week 2015

You can’t even walk down the street without tripping over the internet. It has thoroughly saturated our lives, and changed the way we do almost everything. We can keep in touch online, order pizzas, buy groceries, and even get married. (Til death or an outage do us part?) This week, you can learn more about…

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Be Amazed by a Modern Take on Magic at Christian Cagigal’s “Obscura”

  May 18, 2015  //  Magic at Christian Cagigal’s “Obscura”

Magicians guard their mysteries very zealously. Ask a magician how he performed a trick, and you’ll get cagey answers. Obfuscation is the name of the game, both in the performance of their amazing feats and the maintaining the veil of secrecy around the methods they use. The real magic isn’t in how they saw assistants…

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Head Back in Time by Visiting Historic Nantucket with Seastreak’s Summer Service

  May 15, 2015  //  Nantucket, Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket with Seastreak

With such an aggressively modern world around us, it’s almost magical to find bits of history preserved around us. The past can seem like an entirely different world, one that happened far away and not in the places we walk through and touch today. Denizens of New York City know this feeling as they walk…

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