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Posts in March 2015

Have an Egg-celent Easter in New York City

  March 31, 2015  //  Easter Hunts For Adults 2015

Easter is almost here, so it’s time to get hopping on your plans for the holiday weekend! We felt so bad when we pointed out that adults don’t get to have as much egg-hunting fun, we went looking for the exception to the rule. There’s something for everyone! Saturday, 1 PM and 2 PM –…

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Tex Mex Eats Hit Manhattan at Javelina

  March 27, 2015  //  Javelina

The Southwest is a strange place by almost any standard. Hostile plantlife covered in spines. Temperatures hot enough to make any blast furnace feel inadequate. Southwestern cuisine makes up for the offensive plant life and oven-like temperatures, though, whether it’s authentic Mexican food or the exciting Tex Mex variant on it. You can get a…

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Take Part in Early Easter Fun at These Egg Hunts

  March 26, 2015  //  Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Egg Hunts

Kids get to have the most fun. Adults have to pretend they have this thing called “dignity”, accompanied by this horrible affliction called “maturity”. These two unfortunate conditions combine to suck the silly fun out of life. (Some of us ignore them entirely and do whatever the heck we want anyway.) Adults might not stoop…

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Have a Blooming Good Time at the Macy’s Flower Show

  March 19, 2015  //  Uncategorized

You’ve seen enough snow now, right? Could be, you’ve seen enough snow for the next three years. If you caught Jack Frost alone somewhere, he might end up in the bay while wearing a pair of cement shoes. (Disclaimer: Seastreak does not endorse violence against people real or fictional, but we’re pretty darned tired of…

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Matthew Morrison and Laura Michelle Kelly Star in “Finding Neverland” on Broadway

  March 18, 2015  //  Finding Neverland, Uncategorized

Creators often get asked the question, “Where do you get your ideas?” There aren’t any idea stores in shopping malls, with neatly packaged inspirations for music, books, and movies waiting on the shelves. Ideas come from everywhere, but especially from the powerful experiences in our lives. Simple, ordinary events can become extraordinary stories filled with…

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