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Posts in November 2014

Freak Out at Broadway’s “Side Show”

  November 26, 2014  //  Side Show

Modern television has dynasties made of waterfowl (or something like that) and affluent women attempting to live simple lives like everyone else (while camera crews follow them around). The early part of last century, however, had elephant men and bearded ladies. Carnival freak shows were arguably the forerunners of today’s reality TV, with all the…

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Wine and Dine at Pearl and Ash

  November 25, 2014  //  Pearl and Ash

Wine is often just a facet of the meal you’re eating (even if it can be a pretty important facet). You pick delicious food, then have a man or woman with a fancy French title come over and recommend a vintage to go with your eats. Usually, the wine goes with what you’re ordering, and…

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Have Off-the-Rails Fun at the Holiday Train Show

  November 20, 2014  //  Uncategorized

Trains are as much a part of New York life as our Seastreak ferries. New Yorkers are a people on the move, after all, and they’ve been riding the rails for decades. In all the time that locomotives have moved along tracks, the train has migrated into our holiday traditions, and become one of the…

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Visit Hamilton’s, a Diner Right Out of the 40s

  November 19, 2014  //  Hamilton’s

Remember a gentler, friendlier time, when people waved with all their fingers instead of just the middle one, and fizzy drinks were a treat to be savored? These days, you’d might as well ask if folks remember the Paleolithic Age. We live in a one-finger era when sodas come out of aluminum cans, but we…

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Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

  November 18, 2014  //  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Stephen King fans, this one is definitely for you, and you’re not going to want to miss out on your chance to see Mr. King show off his playwright abilities. What’s better than a play by Stephen King? A play by Stephen King that features music by John Mellencamp. It’s “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County,”…

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Discover Delectable Sustainable Cuisine at Amali

  November 14, 2014  //  Amali

Broccoli gets a bad rap. At least one President has famously dissed the maligned member of the cabbage family, and it ends up resigned to the edges of children’s dinner plates all across the country. It is a flower no one will give in a bouquet, or wear on a lapel. Only an exceptional restaurant…

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The Mysteries of the Mind Come Alive at “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”

  November 13, 2014  //  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Mysteries fill the world around us, but sometimes, the greatest mysteries are inside the human heart and mind. For people who view the world differently because of things like autism, even the simplest parts of life become inscrutable obstacles, and the complexities of human actions? Those can be the hardest things to understand. “The Curious…

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