As the song says, seasons change with the scenery, but truly, the scenery changes just as much with the seasons. The angle of the sun shifts, to shine light down from a different angle, illuminating surfaces that had been in the dark before. Repeated sunny days fade vibrant colors into new hues. Cloud cover and falling snow dim the natural light, and turn brilliant spaces into moody places for thought. Light affects how the world shows itself to us, and the context in which we view it. The “Light Over Time” exhibition by Sam Falls illustrates this with a fascinating array of works that evoke the nature of light. You can see it now at the MetroTech Center Commons on Myrtle Avenue, in Brooklyn (between Flatbush Avenue and Jay Street)!

Light Over Time 1

You Light Up My Life (or My Art)

The “Light Over Time” exhibition is meant to change as time passes. Sculptures painted both with UV protective paint and without display how the work looked originally, and how the march of days affects them. Some pieces even have layers of paint, so that as one fades and wears away, another color shows itself.

Light Over Time 2

Interesting, Interactive Art

Visitors can experience this art firsthand through a handful of interactive pieces. Explore the multicolored maze to appreciate how the layered colors break through each other as the days go by. Push the wind chimes to reveal new colors on the chimes themselves. Or sit on one of the thermochromatic benches, and watch your body heat change the colors of the tiles. (This is far more interesting than sitting on the copy machine at work.)

Light Over Time 3

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