Our boats were designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Each vessel is well equipped with the comforts of home, but with a MUCH better view. We have plenty of spacious airline style seating spanning across multiple decks. You can enjoy the view from the outside decks, or sit comfortably inside in the air conditioned cabin. And, don’t forget your bikes, boards, or beagles. Seastreak has room for them all!

Onboard you’ll find amenities like: plush seating, satellite T.V., a well equipped bar, and lots of leg room. All of our boats are equipped with the right technology to make for a smooth ride to your destination. So, grab a drink, sit back, and relax in all of the comforts Seastreak has to offer!

Vessel Information

Each of our double-hulled catamarans features indoor and outdoor decks with panoramic windows offering breathtaking views of the New York City skyline. Even though many of our luxurious vessels are capable of carrying up to 505 passengers, our customers are kept comfortable and pampered with climate controlled interiors, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, multiple restrooms, and a cash bar on all ferry sailings providing beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and pre-packaged snacks. In addition, our vessels were designed with both stability and speed in mind, so you can expect a smooth ride while traveling at up to 38 knots (44 mph).

Safety Information

Safety for our passengers and crew is our top priority. Our vessels and our crews either meet or exceed the safety requirements mandated by the United States Coast Guard. As such, each vessel is fitted with child and adult lifejackets sufficient for each person on board. Further, each vessel is equipped with inflatable life rafts which can be deployed so as to afford dry-shod evacuation – which means that in the unlikely event you have to evacuate, you will remain warm and dry. Should an emergency occur, our crews are trained to respond in an orderly and professional fashion.

Security Information

Our vessels and terminals have United States Coast Guard approved security plans in effect. As per the Maritime Security regulation 33 CFR 104/105, we must ensure the implementation of security measures designed to protect the safety and security of our passengers, vessels, and facilities. Per this regulation, Seastreak reserves the right to screen persons, baggage, and personal effects for dangerous substances or devices. Further, entrance to Seastreak facilities and/or vessels is deemed valid consent to screening or inspection. Failure to consent or submit to screening or inspection will result in denial or revocation of authorization to enter our facilities or vessels. Rest assured, we take the utmost care and concern to ensure all of our passengers and crew enjoy a safe and secure journey onboard any of the Seastreak vessels.

So, sit back as the Captain is calling “All Aboard!” It’s time for your next Seastreak adventure.