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Posts in March 2014

Broadway Musical If/Then

  March 31, 2014  //  Broadway Musical If/Then

If you, like millions of others, have seen and loved Disney’s Frozen, then there’s a pretty good chance Idina Menzel is a familiar name. The voice behind Elsa and “Let it Go”, Menzel has been working her vocal chords for years. She was an original cast member of Rent, won a Tony for her performance…

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Hudson River Park

  March 28, 2014  //  Hudson River Park

Looking to spend a fun-filled day with no shortage of activities? A trip to Hudson River Park won’t disappoint. Situated on the West Side of Manhattan on over 550 acres of land spanning from Battery Park to West 59th Street, the number of things to do is hard to keep track of! If you like…

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Metropolitan Opera

  March 26, 2014  //  Metropolitan Opera

Say ahhh! Not at the dentist silly, at the Metropolitan Opera. The ultimate cultural activity is to see a show by the world renowned Met. Belting out words you don’t understand at octaves you didn’t think you would hear, and the talented singers are just one reason to pay a visit to Lincoln Center. Now…

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Karaoke Bars

  March 25, 2014  //  Karaoke Bars

“Oh you make me wanna shout!” Singing your heart out provides a healthy way to let off some steam, channel your inner Britney and most likely make a fool of yourself. These karaoke bars are a sure-fire way to laugh your butt off, whether you’re in front of the mic or not. Baby Grand Part…

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Spa Week

  March 24, 2014  //  Spa Week

Ready your pores because Spa Week is almost here! Spa Week is April 21st- 27th and treatments sell out faster than your blackheads are extracted. Two times a year this magical event happens nationwide where spas offer select services for only $50. Deep tissue massage at the hands of a seasoned pro? $50. Aestheticians who…

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International Pillow Fight Day

  March 21, 2014  //  International Pillow Fight Day

When was the last time you had a pillow fight in all your 5 year old glory? It was probably so long ago you can’t remember. Well that’s all about to change because one of New York City’s, heck, the world’s, most anticipated events is back in Washington Square Park this year. Yep, it’s International…

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Butterfly Conservatory

  March 19, 2014  //  Butterfly Conservatory

Spring is just around the corner, but if you flutter over to the American Museum of Natural History you’ll find it’s already arrived there! The annual Butterfly Conservatory exhibition is open until June 22nd and consists of hundreds of winged creatures from three of the five butterfly families. Can you believe there are over 18,000…

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9/11 Memorial

  March 18, 2014  //  9/11 Memorial

A place of remembrance and reflection, the 9/11 memorial, opened in 2011, is situated downtown with twin reflecting pools, each an acre in size. These reflecting pools stand within the footprints of where the Twin Towers once stood. Inscribed on the sides of the pools are the nearly 3,000 names of those who lost their…

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You Make the Call at the CMOM

  March 17, 2014  //  You Make the Call at the CMOM

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is hosting a seriously ballin’ exhibit that that includes interactive activities to replicate the referees’ jobs on the field. The “You Make the Call” exhibit was made possible by MetLife Stadium, and the NFL. Jump, roll and dive through a heart pounding obstacle course created to allow kids to train…

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Red Carpet Kids Birthday Parties

  March 14, 2014  //  Red Carpet Kids Birthday Parties

Tired of throwing the same old parties for your kids?  Had enough of Chuck-e-cheese?  Treat ‘em to an experience they’ll always remember at Red Carpet Kids birthday parties! Upon arrival, kids are greeted by a doorperson with a VIP list (that they’re on – of course!), and the birthday boy or girl gets his or…

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