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Poe’s Dream Within a Nightmare Plays Out Onstage at “Nevermore”

  January 30, 2015  //  Nevermore –The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe had some issues. That’s not too surprising for anyone who loves his writing, or even anyone who had to read “The Tell-Tale Heart” for a high school class. His life handed him more than his share of tragedy, and he turned it into stories of terror and bizarre creativity without compare. Step…

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Outwit the Undead When You’re Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

  January 29, 2015  //  Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Ask any corporate worker about their office meetings, and you’ll hear just how much fun it is to end up locked in a room with people who want to eat your brains. It’s a time-honored part of office culture to gather in a conference room and try to figure out how to escape before your…

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Authentic Thai Cuisine Waits Across the Bay at Kunya Siam

  January 28, 2015  //  Kunya Siam

Everyone has their own idea of comfort food. There’s the folks in the Pasta Camp, who want a big bowl of saucy noodles when they’re feeling down. Others would prefer a big helping of soup, maybe with some crackers or fresh bread. For the people with creative tastes, though, Thai food warms the belly and…

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Enjoy Californian Cuisine Without Leaving New York at Upland

  January 27, 2015  //  Upland

Ask anyone who’s lived on both ends of the United States, and you’ll hear the same refrain: the East Coast and the West Coast had might as well be different countries. Everything from our accents to our cuisine styles are entirely distinct. (Even the language is different. Out there, the word “pizza” means “floppy crust…

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Unbeerably Good Brews Await at Carton Brewing Company

  January 23, 2015  //  Carton Brewing Company, Uncategorized

Let’s talk about beer. (Bet we’ve got your attention now, don’t we?) Brewing beer in America is a long-standing tradition. Even George Washington did it. Small, family-owned breweries have a special place in our patriotic hearts. (And our extremely patriotic stomachs.) Beer lovers might be curious about the process of creating this most American of…

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Young Love and the Eternal Night Lurk in “Let the Right One In”

  January 22, 2015  //  Let the Right One In

Growing up is tough in the best of circumstances. Kids can be terribly mean to each other, and children have to learn difficult lessons as they find their way to adulthood. What happens when you add the strange and unexplainable to an already challenging time? Find out what happens when a young Swedish boy encounters…

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Taste Dishes by the Best New Chefs at Chefs Club

  January 21, 2015  //  Chefs Club

Chefs have become a whole new breed of rock star. They get stopped on the street for pictures. People want their autographs. The screaming fans that once belonged exclusively to leather-clad bad boys now follow along after the ladies and gentlemen in the toque blanche. Half the fun of living in New York is touring…

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Pig Out at Cochon 555’s New Porc City

  January 20, 2015  //  Cochon 555

Pigs are pretty amazing creatures. Humans have thought so for quite a long time. We domesticated them somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago, and since then, they’ve been everything from mushroom hunters to delicious breakfast food. (Let us take this moment to thank the inventor of bacon. You are an inspiration to us all.)…

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Don’t Leaf Breakfast Behind – Head to Doughnut Plant for a Bite

  January 16, 2015  //  Doughnut Plant

That old saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” has a pretty narrow scope. We all know it’s meant to convey the worth of money, and not spending it like water, but think about it. There’s plenty of things we wish grew on trees, so we could walk right up and pick them. Martinis, for example.…

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Stay Up Late with Seastreak’s Late Night Service

  January 15, 2015  //  Late Night Service

Nightowls rejoice! You know how you eyeball New York City’s nightlife, and think, “I’d really love to go to a Broadway show,” or, “I totally wish I could check out that awesome new night club I heard about on my favorite ferry blog?” Then you remember, “How would I get home to New Jersey that…

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