Ask any corporate worker about their office meetings, and you’ll hear just how much fun it is to end up locked in a room with people who want to eat your brains. It’s a time-honored part of office culture to gather in a conference room and try to figure out how to escape before your mind is consumed. Why not get a little practice in with a scenario designed to be fun? Take part in one of Room Escape Adventures’ “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie” events! There’s locations at 23 West 36th Street, and 355 7th Avenue!

Locked in a Room with a Zombie 1

One Zombie, One Room, Many Laughs

Zombies have an insatiable hunger, and terrible impulse control. You and your friends will find yourselves locked in a room where a zombie is chained to the wall. Every five minutes, a buzzer goes off, and the chain holding the zombie lets out another foot. You’ve got one hour before that chain will let the walking dead shamble over to snack on your grey matter.

Locked in a Room with a Zombie 2

How do you get out of the room before you’re zombie chow? Clues are scattered throughout the room, pointing you toward the key. You can’t find the hidden key without solving all the clues, so you’d better think fast!

Locked in a Room with a Zombie 3

Twelve Heads are Better than One

You can take on the Trapped in a Room with a Zombie adventure with up to twelve people per group. It’s a great way to get the gang all together and pit your puzzle-solving skills against a challenge. No one will live down ending up as a zombie snack.

Seastreak ferries are guaranteed zombie free! In case of the zombie apocalypse, our luxurious catamarans will be a great place to take shelter. (Everyone knows zombies don’t swim.) They’re a fabulous way to get to Manhattan and New Jersey, too!


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