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Posts in December 2014

Shred the Worst of 2014 at Good Riddance Day

  December 22, 2014  //  Good Riddance Day, Uncategorized

Everyone has rotten memories from this last year. We’re not even talking about massive, terrible memories from such things as illnesses or tragedies. Maybe the love of your life blew off a date by telling you he had to go wash his cat. Could be, you took a ferry other than Seastreak and are still…

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Slurp Up Fantastic Soup at Ivan Ramen

  December 19, 2014  //  Ivan Ramen/Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop

Ramen is infamous for being cheaper than dirt, but much better tasting. You might get sick of the handful of spice-packet flavors available in your grocery store (especially if your diet’s been heavy on these squiggly noodles), but ramen has much more to offer as a meal. Hungry diners who’d like to find out all…

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Dig Into Creative Cuisine at élan

  December 18, 2014  //  élan

The English language has plenty of words, but it doesn’t always have a term that conveys exactly what you mean. This is particularly true when discussing complicated or deep states of being. For those, we turn to other language. Consider the term “élan”. With just one word, the French language conveys a broad concept. It…

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Wine and Excellent Cuisine Await at Bacchanal

  December 10, 2014  //  Bacchanal

Some words conjure up immediate and vivid mental imagery. (And sometimes, that’s really unfortunate. What has been seen by the mind’s eye cannot be unseen.) One such word is “bacchanal”. People picture shirtless men with sculpted torsos and nymphs toting around grapes, and a raucous party soaked in wine. A restaurant in the Bowery hopes…

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