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Posts in February 2014

3 Phenomenal Oscar Viewing Parties

  February 28, 2014  //  3 Phenomenal Oscar Viewing Parties

The Oscars, also known as the biggest award show of the season, is this Sunday. Are you ready for it? Instead of watching from your couch (which is fun and all), have an adventure and make an appearance at one of these 3 phenomenal Oscar viewing parties. 230 Fifth The hottest rooftop bar in all…

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2 Killer NYC Piano Bars

  February 27, 2014  //  2 Killer NYC Piano Bars

If Carrie Underwood just didn’t do it for you in the live Sound of Music t.v. special a few months ago, make your own musical theatre magic at a piano bar that combines happy people, good drinks, and classic tunes for a simply unique New York experience.  Check out these 2 killer NYC piano bars.…

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Pet Spas

  February 26, 2014  //  Pet Spas

We all know how rough life can be, and the importance of taking the time to relax and recharge. Doesn’t your favorite furry friend deserve the same? Whether they are a prince or a princess who never leaves her bed, or plays many games of fetch, remind your pet how much you love them by…

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Warby Parker Eyewear

  February 24, 2014  //  Warby Parker Eyewear

Need new specs? We’ve got just the place for you!  For affordable and stylish eyewear, check out Warby Parker – the coolest storefront in SOHO! Enter their store through wooden double doors, and you’ll find glasses for men, and women lining the walls. Taking center stage are the super-peppy sales associates ready to help you…

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New York Food Carts

  February 21, 2014  //  New York Food Carts

With such an array of New York Food Carts selling everything from lamb to tacos to nuts, there isn’t a cuisine you can’t treat yourself to along the sidewalks in the city.  Here are a couple of our favorites for the next time there’s a rumble in your tummy. Cinnamon Snail All of your favorite…

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Pearl River Mart

  February 20, 2014  //  Pearl River Mart

A quick glance at this store’s sign will make you pass this large storefront off as a supermarket, and when Topshop is across the street, who wants to think about groceries? If you were to take just five steps inside though, wonder, cheap thrills, and a whole lot of Asian culture will inspire you to…

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Sleep No More

  February 18, 2014  //  Sleep No More

We really wish we could tell you what Sleep No More is about or give a sweet, concise summary, but this isn’t just a play – it’s a personalized immersive experience that you’ll just have to experience for yourself.  Wearing a mask and walking without a sound, you’ll wander the restored McKittrick Hotel, watching and…

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Restaurant Week In NYC

  February 13, 2014  //  Restaurant Week In NYC

What if we told you that you could go out to a fancy dinner for less than $100? Get ready, because Restaurant Week in NYC is coming! This annual event runs from February 17th-March 7th (more than a week, but who’s complaining?) and offers prix fixe $25 lunches and $38 dinners at the fanciest and…

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