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Posts in September 2015

Super Art

  September 30, 2015  //  Kelley’s Kandors

Like art? What about superman? And does seeing those two paired so closely together seem weird to you? Perhaps it does now, but it won’t after you see Kelley’s Kandors, an art exhibit being shown at the Hauser and Wirth Gallery (511 West 18th St.) until October 24th. The exhibit focuses on the story of…

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Thanks for the Letter, Collette

  September 29, 2015  //  Fondly Collette Richland

From now until October 18th, a fantastic new production is going on at 79 East 4th St., at the New York Theatre Workshop. Fondly, Collette Richland is a show about the surreal and the unexpected, and can be the perfect antidote to any boring or mundane day. Want to know more? Read on. Fondly Yours…

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Going to Chvrch

  September 28, 2015  //  Chvrch on Tour

If you’re into electronic music, synthpop, and/or alternative dance music, you’re in for a treat. The up-and-coming Scottish band Chvrches will be playing on Tuesday, September 29th at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. The band, known for the political stand that its lead singer has taken towards derogatory comments she has received, is touring to…

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Meet The Met

  September 25, 2015  //  Metropolitan Opera

Opera is perhaps one of the most sophisticated performance mediums you will find. The language, the singing, the consummate skill of the performers — all of these things add up to make a marvelous masterpiece for the ears and eyes alike. There are many opera houses the world over who pay homage to this great…

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The Fest That’s The Best

  September 24, 2015  //  Oktoberfest

It’s that time of the year! Put on your white shirt, fish out your lederhosen, and grab a stein, because it’s Oktoberfest! Ever since 1810, this Bavarian Volksfest (beer festival and traveling funfair) has captured the hearts, minds, and parched throats of millions. New York is celebrating right along with the rest of the world…

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A Night at the Theater

  September 23, 2015  //  New Wave Festival

A night at the theater does wonders for the mind and soul! Theater is an art form that enables us to connect with the actors in a way we simply cannot in a movie. It’s a very intimate mode of storytelling, and you can never have too much of it. So it’s lucky for you…

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A Stroll Through History at Fort Hancock

  September 22, 2015  //  Fort Hancock

Feel like a guided tour through history this weekend? What about some very recent — but very important — history? And what if your tour guides were men who had actually lived the history they were showing you? Sounds pretty cool, right? Well put this Sunday the 27th on your calendar, because that’s the next…

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They’re No Cheap Trick

  September 21, 2015  //  Cheap Trick at Count Basie

…OK, well, actually they are. That’s their name, I mean. They’re not a cheap trick in the more common sense of the phrase. You get the idea. Anyway — music! The kind of music that gets your fingertips a-tappin’ and your feet itching to dance. That rhythmic, catchy, wonderful music that we all love so…

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No Bite’s as Bright

  September 18, 2015  //  Sea Bright Restaurants

Look into my eyes. You are getting verrrry… hungry. You can practically taste your favorite food caking your tongue. You’re probably getting thirsty, too, because your favorite food likely contains a decent amount of salt. I mean, that last bit is just statistical likelihood, there. Salt brings out the flavor in food, y’know? But your…

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A Day Amongst the Books

  September 16, 2015  //  Oak Bluffs Library

You like reading, right? Well of course you do. If the thought of reading was so repellent to you, you wouldn’t be reading this (very artfully written) blog. And then you wouldn’t be getting all these great ideas for places to go on Seastreak. And then you would be sad. And we can’t have that,…

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