Opera is perhaps one of the most sophisticated performance mediums you will find. The language, the singing, the consummate skill of the performers — all of these things add up to make a marvelous masterpiece for the ears and eyes alike. There are many opera houses the world over who pay homage to this great art, but you, dear reader, are lucky. You live close to one of the greatest opera houses in the world: New York City’s Metropolitan Opera (or simply The Met for short). Why not take some time to explore this great cultural resource at your very doorstep in the Lincoln Performing Arts Center at 30 Lincoln Center Plaza. We’ll even give you a place to start.
The Met Opera 1
Uncertain Beginnings, Unstoppable Growth
The Met was founded in 1883 by a group of wealthy businessmen who wanted to have their own theater. Things were chaotic at first, with the management (not to mention the language of the pieces) constantly changing, but the theater nonetheless grew in prominence and its actors in skill. After about 80 years, the theater, which had never had adequate performance space, worked together with other New York institutions to create its current home, the Lincoln Performing Arts space, thus giving it access to the finest technical facilities.
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Pass Me a Package
You can always catch a show by checking out the Met’s calendar of performances, but if you’re really an opera buff, try out a subscription! You get various benefits, including the ability to buy tickets ahead of the general public, and you can choose your preference of two subscription types. First, you can get a season subscription of 6-9 operas for specific days of the week, or second, you can design your own package of 3 or more operas that you’d like to see. Talk about customization!
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Just as opera is one of the most sophisticated and cultured performance mediums you’ll find, Seastreak is one of the most sophisticated and cultured ways of getting across the water. Make your evening — or your matinee afternoon — a truly elegant one, and join us, won’t you?

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