Look into my eyes. You are getting verrrry… hungry. You can practically taste your favorite food caking your tongue. You’re probably getting thirsty, too, because your favorite food likely contains a decent amount of salt. I mean, that last bit is just statistical likelihood, there. Salt brings out the flavor in food, y’know?

But your salt denial aside, you should really go grab a bit to eat, huh? And what better place to fill your belly while trying something new than Sea Bright? No where, that’s where.

Sea Bright has plenty of delicious restaurants that you can choose from if you’re looking to get your food on, but we’re going to take a look at two in-particular to give you a place to start.
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Yumi is Yummy!

In the mood for Asian? Check out Yumi’s Neo-Asian and Sushi offerings. Yum means “the most beautiful,” and the dishes do not disappoint! Not only are they beautifully presented, but their plating is meticulously elegant. The food is based on Southeast Asian cuisines, and the menu — from appetizers to desserts — is diverse and delicious. Yum is open for both lunch (noon to 3pm) and dinner (5pm to 10pm, or 11pm on Friday and Saturday).
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Go for a Dive!

If you’re not in the mood for Asian food, why not try Dive! Coastal Bar and Food Joint? Featuring a bar with 18 different beers on tap, fruit-infused rum, and delicious, delicious popcorn, not to mention a menu featuring all the best in bar food (and braised pork tacos, which might not be standard bar fare but really should be), there is nothing not to like here.

Literally. If you find something here you don’t like, there is something wrong and you should consult a medical professional.
Out for a Bite 3
In fact, there’s really nothing bad to be said about going and getting to sample delicious new foods in delightful new places. The only trouble is that, post-getting verrrrry hungry, you tend to get verrrrry tired. Lucky for you, Seastreak is here, to bring you back home safe and sound in your food coma. Mmm… Luxury never tasted so good.

Sea you Soon!
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