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Posts in November 2015

A Story from Astoria

  November 30, 2015  //  Astoria Holiday Market

It’s time now for Part Five of our holiday shopping series. This week, we have something as diverse and varied as one could hope to find in a normal retail store, only, well, better-made. That’s right, this time we’re looking at the Astoria Holiday Market. Bringing together artists, bakers, and designers, this fun-filled event is…

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Charge into Chelsea

  November 27, 2015  //  Chelsea Market

Thanksgiving and Black Friday may be dominating this week, but that’s all the more reason to dive into Part Four of our ongoing series on locales for holiday shopping! This week, sound the Black Friday charge as we barrel headlong into Chelsea Market, and all the delicious goodies it has in store. A Market with…

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Balloons on Parade

  November 25, 2015  //  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving isn’t just fun and festive — it carries on an important historical tradition. It’s when we remember that fateful winter in 1621 when the colonists, under the rule of King George, nearly starved, but were then rescued by the native Americans, and how both cultures were attacked the next day by endless columns of…

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A Bird on the Plate is Worth Two in the Fridge

  November 24, 2015  //  Thanksgiving Dinner

We’ve talked about how difficult it is to make Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve talked about the preparation, the family, the desserts… we’ve given you pretty much all the tips to be had. And yet, if you’ve just got a really busy life, it may still not be enough. Well don’t worry! At the 11th hour, we…

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Delectable Dessert

  November 23, 2015  //  Thanksgiving Desserts

“AAAAAHH!” has been more or less my though process lately in re: preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Dessert has been especially problematic. Making 2-layered shelled truffles every year — especially when one forgets to write down one’s recipe because one apparently has a head thicker than a wall — takes a lot of time that we…

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A Winter Village for All Seasons

  November 20, 2015  //  Winter Village at Bryant Park

We’ve mentioned Bryant Park before. Specifically, we got a chance to talk about the wonderful Holiday Shops there! But even if you’re not in the mood to make a purchase, the Winter Village at Bryant Park is still a boatload of fun (Ha! Get it? Because we’re a ferry company, so we use boats to……

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Where it’s Hip to be Square

  November 18, 2015  //  Union Square Holiday Market

It’s time for Part 3 of our holiday shopping installments, so everyone give a cheer! Why so many parts, you ask? Why to help you, dear reader, avoid all the confusion, chaos, and claustrophobia of being in a department store on December the 24th. No, you don’t have to say anything — you’re very welcome.…

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To Arms! To Arms!

  November 17, 2015  //  Arms and Armor Department at the Met

The clear notes of the trumpet echo down the line, its roar beckoning you onward. Nervous, you adjust your armor slightly, and begin the charge. For as long as human civilization has existed, so have weapons and armor. History was shaped by them, empires rose and fell… but that’s not all they did. Arms and…

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A Pie, A Pie, My Kingdom for a Pie

  November 16, 2015  //  Thanksgiving Pie

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, the general excitement around this holiday is beginning to give way: first to logistic concerns, then to concern in general, and finally to all-out panic. Well, here’s one thing you can cross off your list. Get ready for New York’s top five pies! The Chocolate Babka Pie Served up…

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