Everyone knows Star Wars. And with the possible exception of the prequels, everyone loves it! There’s even a new movie coming out, a sequel, which is very exciting. Fingers crossed that it’s not terrible!

One of the things that makes Star Wars so compelling is the fantastic universe in which it takes place. From glowing lightsabers to ill-tempered aliens that look like giant slugs, to the notion that there is a magical thing called The Force which holds the universe together. I mean, Jedi are pretty cool, right?

What makes the worlds believable? That’s right — the costumes. And now, you have a chance to see those costumes first-hand at the Discovery Times Square Star Wars and the Power of Costume – The Exhibition.
Star Wars Costume 1
Not Just the Product
So much goes into a costume. It doesn’t spring fully-formed from the aether. And even if we take some time to think about it, we think, what? Maybe about the people who sewed the costumes and picked out the fabric? There’s a much larger process, going from the mind of the director through the concept artist, all the way to the end product we see on the screen. This exhibit gives you the chance to peek behind the scenes at this magic.
Star Wars Costume 2
Seeing is Believing
But what’s in the exhibition you ask? Well, you can find all sorts of things. For instance, how does 60 pieces of Star Wars costume used in the movies strike you? Oh, I’m sorry, that’s only 53 — because seven of them are from the upcoming sequel!

What about a chance to explore the symbolic meanings of the Star Wars costumes — to get to explore the themes they incorporate from story and life. Honor, virtue, allegiance, betrayal… all these and more can be found in this stunning Exhibition.
Star Wars Costume 3
The really beautiful thing about this exhibit is that, even if you are one of the rare people who’s not a Star Wars fan, you can still appreciate it. These exquisitely-made pieces are works of art in their own right, and the themes they explore are not limited to the movie. And obviously, if you do like Star Wars, there’s no better place for you to be. And take Seastreak! You may not have a spaceship, but we’ll give you one of the finest ships in the known galaxy. Or at least in our little corner of it.

Sea you Soon!
The Seastreak Family



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