We’ve talked about how difficult it is to make Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve talked about the preparation, the family, the desserts… we’ve given you pretty much all the tips to be had. And yet, if you’ve just got a really busy life, it may still not be enough.

Well don’t worry! At the 11th hour, we are coming through with the Thanksgiving dinner nuclear option. And no, we aren’t referring to the microwave — we’re talking about just saying to heck with the whole thing and going out!

Yes, there are place that do it, and that do it well! And we’ve taken the liberty of introducing a few of them to you. Bon appetít!

Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria
One might think this an unlikely place to go for Thanksgiving dinner, but this retail-restaurant combo deals out delicious non-traditional Thanksgiving fare. Served family style and featuring Italian food with touches of Mediterranean flavors, Il Buco serves up chestnut-cloumage agnolotti folded with porcini mushrooms, and an end-of-meal persimmon soufflé cake. With salted cod taking the place of the turkey in-between, Il Buco will keep you surprised and sated the whole holiday long.
Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants 1
Eleven Madison Park
When a restaurant’s name is just its address, you know it’s gotta be good! If you’re really in the mood for something fancy and delicious — and you don’t mind shelling out the money for it — this restaurant is your best bet. On Thanksgiving only, this restaurant is swapping out its normal tasting menu for a more Turkey Day-themed one. From the thick chicken velouté with black truffle, through its turkey alongside beef, all the way to its ganache or honey custard dessert, this is one meal you won’t want to miss.
Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants 2
This Portuguese pub run by George Mendes offers a hearty Thanksgiving dinner centered on a delicious turkey filled with morcilla sausage stuffing. Appetizers — slightly less traditional — include scallops, mackerel, and king salmon roe. Polish it all off with a tangy sheep’s-milk cheesecake and you have yourself a Thanksgiving dinner that will take you to many culinary destinations.
Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants 3
So if you just want to avoid the holiday headache, this year you’re lucky, as these fine restaurants — and many more — are here to make your Turkey Day terrific! So head on over for dinner, and come with us on Seastreak! We may not wake you up on arrival with the dulcet words “honey, we’re at grandma’s house,” but you’ll feel that warm security of childhood again, knowing that someone else is taking care of everything.

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