Thanksgiving and Black Friday may be dominating this week, but that’s all the more reason to dive into Part Four of our ongoing series on locales for holiday shopping! This week, sound the Black Friday charge as we barrel headlong into Chelsea Market, and all the delicious goodies it has in store.
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A Market with A History
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The area occupied by the Chelsea Market has always been a center of food, dating as far back as the Algonquin Indians, who traded game and crops on this very spot on the Hudson River. And more recently, the High Line — back when it still had trains on it — gave shelter to rows of butchers, who peddled their own wares in its shade.

Now, Chelsea Market — in the just 15+ years since its establishment — has become one of the greatest indoor food halls in the world, with more than 35 vendors selling a wide variety of comestibles.

Just to Name a Few…
What are some places you might venture to Chelsea for? How about these?

Anthropologie – Chelsea market does mainly focus on food, but desserts, wine, and cheeses aren’t the only holiday presents you can get at the market! Anthropologie offers a variety of home goods, and a shopping experience that “makes women feel beautiful, hopeful and connected.” Even if they don’t get the full experience, the women in your life will love something from this charming store.

Buon Italia – just thinking about this place makes my mouth water. They have charcuterie, frozen and dried pasta, olive oil, cheeses, spices… the list goes on. For the lover of Italian food in your life, a present from Buon Italia cannot go wrong!

Chelsea Wine Vault – I will give you three guesses as to what the Chelsea Wine Vault sells, and the second two don’t count. With the motto “we only buy wine we love,” the Vault has some bottles of the most excellent fruit of the vine. They also pride themselves as being one of New York’s friendliest wine stores, so feel free to ask any questions to find the perfect wine for your loved one.
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I could go on, of course, for another 32 vendors, but space does not permit. As always, with this series, you’ll really just have to go see for yourself. And when you do, come with us on Seastreak! A trip to a world-class market can only be made on a world-class ferry. So head on over; whether you’re charging into a Black Friday brawl, or waiting until December when the dust has settled, the Chelsea Market offers a variety of shopping options to satisfy all your gift-giving needs.

Sea you Soon!
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