We’ve mentioned Bryant Park before. Specifically, we got a chance to talk about the wonderful Holiday Shops there! But even if you’re not in the mood to make a purchase, the Winter Village at Bryant Park is still a boatload of fun (Ha! Get it? Because we’re a ferry company, so we use boats to… oh, never mind). There’s no end to the things you can do, or the fun you can have. So go grab a special someone — it is the time of year for those, after all — and head on down for the experience of a lifetime.
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Go and Skate. It’s Great!
Besides shopping, there are two main things the Winter Village is famous for, and the first of them is skating. Ice skating, to be precise. Measuring 100’ x 170’, and giving free admission, the skating rink is the centerpiece of the Winter Village. Not only can you rent high-quality winter skates to soar smoothly over the ice, but you can even get skating lessons! You know — in case you don’t so much soar smoothly over the ice as you fall flailing to the floor. Hey, it happens. You can even engage the services of a “penguin” to help your child (under 10 only) navigate the rink. Plus, they have skate shows! It can’t be beat.
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Eating — the Perfect Complement to Any Activity
And, of course, there are plenty of places to eat. If you’re skating, you can check out Ice Bites inside the rink, where you can get comfort food like hot soup and sandwiches, or just a tasty drink like that winter favorite, hot chocolate. Or check out Celsius for a more traditional dining experience — except inside a restaurant that’s only there half the year, that’s right outside a skating rink, and that features heated outdoor seating.
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Between the skating, the shopping, and the delicious food, you have a day of fun for one, two, or the whole family! And come on over with us on Seastreak! What better way to start and end a day of fun than with a trip of the same? So go ahead — make a day of it! We promise you’ll be glad you did.

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