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Don’t Chicken Out! Try New Tastes at Streetbird Rotisserie in Harlem

  April 30, 2015  //  Streetbird Rotisserie

All right, whippersnappers, you may not remember this, but once upon a time, there was a dance called the Funky Chicken. (Although given how it looked, not remembering might be the best thing for you.) There’s been at least one modern take on the dance, but it’s possible that chicken moves are best left to…

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Anne Hathaway Takes the Stage for a Limited Engagement in “Grounded”

  April 29, 2015  //  Grounded

Broadway, and off-Broadway, is often full of happy songs with catchy tunes that stick in your head and laughter at the antics of characters on the stage. Other nights, it’s drama on the stage, and you’d best pack tissues. Sometimes, though, the stage is an incredible venue for exploring the important topics of our day.…

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Take in the Best of Polish Cinema at the New York Polish Film Festival

  April 28, 2015  //  Polish Film Festival

Hollywood has earned an indelible place in all our minds. Movies and even movie theaters have become symbols of Hollywood’s influence on our culture. Even in other countries, Hollywood is synonymous with films and the movie experience, with millions spent each year on watching American cinema. (And let’s not forget Bollywood, whose name borrows heavily…

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Hello world!

  April 27, 2015  //  Uncategorized

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket, MA with Seastreak

  April 27, 2015  //  Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket with Seastreak

Back in the early days of our great country, when the land was newly settled by brave pilgrims who came over the sea to start a new life, folks had to resort to some pretty rugged ways to travel. Carriages and wagons ruled the roads, which was pretty danged inconvenient when you hit water. (Convincing…

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Learn More about Japanese Culture at the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Celebration

  April 24, 2015  //  Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Celebration

Cherry blossoms have a deep and layered meaning in Japan. The cherry blossom, or sakura, has a deep connection to life, either through powers of reproduction, or through the symbol of life, death, and rebirth. In this, it symbolizes the impermanence of things, and the transient nature of life. What isn’t complicated is their beauty.…

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Dust Off Your Southern Accent at Porchlight

  April 23, 2015  //  Porchlight

It might not be so popular in New York City, where real estate’s at a premium, and peace and quiet just means your neighbors aren’t screaming at each other. But down in the South, sitting on the porch can be a highlight of the evening. Head outside with a cool drink and a snack to…

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See Your Favorite Films at the Tribeca Film Festival

  April 21, 2015  //  Tribeca Film Festival 2015

The ability to tell stories sets humans apart from other animals. No other creature on our planet (that we know of) has the ability to create and share tales, or to communicate their imagination. In scientific terms, it’s called “episodic memory”, but that clinical phrase saps the romance from one of the best parts of…

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Video Games Take Center Stage at the Games for Change Festival

  April 20, 2015  //  Games for Change Festival

Video games started out as a few points of light on a screen, darting back and forth in a digital game of ping pong. They progressed through weird yellow monsters eating ghosts, giant apes hurling barrels, and extremely bouncy plumbers, until they became a whole new art form. One capable of presenting sprawling epics and…

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Enjoy a Day on the Waves with Sea Horse Fishing

  April 17, 2015  //  Fishing on the Sea Horse

Two things in life have a tendency to inspire what we’ll call less-than-truthful statements: income taxes and fishing. (Did you submit your taxes Tuesday?) Anyone who’s ever picked up a pole has fudged the result of a day hunting up fish. Whether it was the amount of fish one caught, or the size of the…

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