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Posts in April 2015

Dust Off Your Southern Accent at Porchlight

  April 23, 2015  //  Porchlight

It might not be so popular in New York City, where real estate’s at a premium, and peace and quiet just means your neighbors aren’t screaming at each other. But down in the South, sitting on the porch can be a highlight of the evening. Head outside with a cool drink and a snack to…

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See Your Favorite Films at the Tribeca Film Festival

  April 21, 2015  //  Tribeca Film Festival 2015

The ability to tell stories sets humans apart from other animals. No other creature on our planet (that we know of) has the ability to create and share tales, or to communicate their imagination. In scientific terms, it’s called “episodic memory”, but that clinical phrase saps the romance from one of the best parts of…

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Enjoy a Day on the Waves with Sea Horse Fishing

  April 17, 2015  //  Fishing on the Sea Horse

Two things in life have a tendency to inspire what we’ll call less-than-truthful statements: income taxes and fishing. (Did you submit your taxes Tuesday?) Anyone who’s ever picked up a pole has fudged the result of a day hunting up fish. Whether it was the amount of fish one caught, or the size of the…

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