Cherry blossoms have a deep and layered meaning in Japan. The cherry blossom, or sakura, has a deep connection to life, either through powers of reproduction, or through the symbol of life, death, and rebirth. In this, it symbolizes the impermanence of things, and the transient nature of life. What isn’t complicated is their beauty. The simple elegance of the flowers, pink and with five petals, blooming in great clouds, can take the breath away. Head out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (150 Eastern Parkway) this weekend for Sakura Matsuri! It’s a celebration of Japanese culture and cherry blossoms.

Sakura Matsuri 1

Flower Power

Since it’s a botanical garden, you know there’s going to be flowers. The cherry trees should be in bloom for the weekend, and for weeks to come. Get out in the fresh air, now that winter’s finally calling a truce, and enjoy the gorgeous show nature’s putting on.

Sakura Matsuri is about more than the flowers, however. It’s an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, both traditional and modern. From the ancient tea ceremony, to the popular manga comic style, this weekend’s festival presents a bit of everything.

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The Old and the New

Some of Japan’s most enduring traditions will be on display throughout the celebration area. Hear the thunderous sounds of taiko drums, and watch the fascinating kabuki style of dance. As samurai identified often with the symbol of the cherry blossom, no festival would be complete without a display of samurai swords.

But there’s modern works as well. See the comedy stylings of Tokyo’s rising comedic star Kaori, or the otaku comedy of Uncle Yo. Cosplayers will want to see the cosplay crafting panel, and fashion show, too!

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