Two things in life have a tendency to inspire what we’ll call less-than-truthful statements: income taxes and fishing. (Did you submit your taxes Tuesday?) Anyone who’s ever picked up a pole has fudged the result of a day hunting up fish. Whether it was the amount of fish one caught, or the size of the one who got away, fishing has inspired fibs throughout the ages. You might not need to resort to creative exaggeration when you head over to Atlantic Highlands, NJ and spend a day with Sea Horse Fishing! They’re at 1 Simon Lake Drive.

Sea Horse Fishing 1

Fish Tales

Saddle up and ride the seas on the Sea Horse, a party fishing boat that calls the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina its home corral. Deep sea fishing is an exciting way to spend an afternoon. Toss your line beneath the waves and see what takes the bait!

You don’t need any experience with deep sea fishing to spend a day aboard the Sea Horse. They have fishing equipment available for rent onboard. Their crew has plenty of know-how when it comes to broken lines or getting your hook baited, and the coastline here is a fabulous spot for actually getting some bites.

Sea Horse Fishing 2

Over the Bounding Main

Not much of a fisherman? Rather spend a day tooling around on the water without the fuss of poles and lines? The Sea Horse is available for all sorts of trips on the waves. Have your birthday party on the boat, take a pleasure cruise, or plan a unique bachelorette party! The Sea Horse can accommodate up to 75 folks per trip.

Seastreak has the most comfortable ferries and the best customer service, and that’s no lie! None of our passengers need to tell fish stories about our luxurious catamarans and excellent service.


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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