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The Seastreak Commodore is On Her Way To NJ!

  May 8, 2018  //  Uncategorized

Dear Seastreak Riders, We are pleased to report that our new Vessel, the Seastreak Commodore, departed Franklin, Louisiana at 11:30 am this morning with our captain and crew and currently is underway on her way home to New Jersey.  The Commodore successfully completed inspections and sea trails with the U.S. Coast Guard, exceeding our performance…

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Seastreak New Year’s Eve Cruise

  December 5, 2016  //  Uncategorized

Get the Best View of the New Year’s Fireworks on Seastreak’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise Have you made plans for New Year’s Eve? If not, then save the date, because Seastreak’s hosting a party you won’t want to miss! Get the best view of New York City as the New Year takes over and…

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Each and Every Kind of Film

  October 6, 2015  //  Uncategorized

Everyone loves a film festival. It’s like going to the movies to the third power! But let’s not forget that the silver screen isn’t the only screen out there. At most film festivals, movies may be all you’ll see, but this year you have an opportunity to see more at the Jersey City International Television…

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Catch the Last Performance of the Metropolitan Opera’s Fabulous “The Merry Widow”

  May 6, 2015  //  The Merry Widow, Uncategorized

A thousand songs, stories, and television programs base themselves in the intricacies of the negotiations surrounding relationships. Which is to say, any time you put two human beings together and throw in high emotions, life might get complicated. This was especially true in the past, when inheritances and previous marriages got in the way. See…

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Hello world!

  April 27, 2015  //  Uncategorized

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Two Forbidden Lovers Try to Conquer All with Love in “Lucia di Lammermoor”

  April 7, 2015  //  Lucia di Lammermoor, Uncategorized

Remember “Romeo and Juliet”? Two star-crossed lovers from enemy families, who are determined that their love shall conquer all? The pretty speeches, the swooning, the beautiful and gentle girl and the tender, adoring boy? Gaetano Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammermoor” is what happens when “Romeo and Juliet” gets stabby. It’s got the forbidden love, and it’s…

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Take in a Meal at a Friendly Diner at Town and Surf in Atlantic Highlands

  April 2, 2015  //  Town and Surf Diner, Uncategorized

The American diner is an eternal institution. Buried in the Constitution is the declaration that all citizens of our great nation will have access to food that tastes like someone’s mother made it with love. This food shall be served in a charming space that reminds you of simpler, happier times. (Okay, so, this didn’t…

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Have a Blooming Good Time at the Macy’s Flower Show

  March 19, 2015  //  Uncategorized

You’ve seen enough snow now, right? Could be, you’ve seen enough snow for the next three years. If you caught Jack Frost alone somewhere, he might end up in the bay while wearing a pair of cement shoes. (Disclaimer: Seastreak does not endorse violence against people real or fictional, but we’re pretty darned tired of…

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Matthew Morrison and Laura Michelle Kelly Star in “Finding Neverland” on Broadway

  March 18, 2015  //  Finding Neverland, Uncategorized

Creators often get asked the question, “Where do you get your ideas?” There aren’t any idea stores in shopping malls, with neatly packaged inspirations for music, books, and movies waiting on the shelves. Ideas come from everywhere, but especially from the powerful experiences in our lives. Simple, ordinary events can become extraordinary stories filled with…

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Taste a New York Classic at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

  March 17, 2015  //  Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Uncategorized

New York City changes to suit the times like a chameleon changes colors. (New York doesn’t have the funky eyeballs, though.) Eras change, and the Big Apple shifts right along with them to reflect the world around it. Despite this, the beating heart of New York keeps the same, steady rhythm it always has. You…

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