Creators often get asked the question, “Where do you get your ideas?” There aren’t any idea stores in shopping malls, with neatly packaged inspirations for music, books, and movies waiting on the shelves. Ideas come from everywhere, but especially from the powerful experiences in our lives. Simple, ordinary events can become extraordinary stories filled with magic and wonder. A great example of this is playing on Broadway right now! Matthew Morrison, Laura Michelle Kelly, and Kelsey Grammar star in “Finding Neverland”, showing at the Lunt Fontanne Theater (205 West 46th Street).

Finding Neverland 1

The Play’s the Thing

Writer J.M. Barrie’s most recently play has flopped. He needs new inspiration to make something that will endure, or even just earn a good critical reception. That inspiration comes in the strangest place, when he meets a widow named Sylvia and her four young sons Michael, Jack, George, and Peter.

As the friendship between Barrie and Sylvia grows, so does his relationship with her children. The creative, hysterical shenanigans that four boys get into gives Barrie more than enough material for him to expand upon in a new play. The play is like nothing else high-society London has seen, and it will be a risk to put on stage. Can Barrie get his masterpiece in front of audiences?

An Evening in Neverland

You may have caught the movie “Finding Neverland”, with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. This play is based on the movie, and it adapts naturally to the stage. Laughs lend the play a great buoyancy, and the musical score will have you humming long after the show has ended.

Star Matthew Morrison has proved his acting and singing chops on the popular television show “Glee”. Laura Michelle Kelly is a Broadway veteran with such credits as “Mary Poppins” and “Les Miserables”.

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