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Cruise to NYC and NJ with peace, quiet, and beauty. Have a drink with friends on your way home. It's the fastest, most comfortable, cost-efficient way to get to work. Traffic, noisy trains, and crowded buses NOT included.

Getaway, and Enjoy
Getting There

Take a daytrip or getaway to NYC, Martha's Vineyard, Sandy Hook Beach, and more and love how you travel there, too! Feel the sun and breeze in your hair on the top deck or get cozy in a seat indoors with a drink from our bar, there's no better way to start and end your trip.

Site-see, Get Cultured,
or Go to a Game

Get out and have fun some aboard Seastreak on our round-trip cruises to West Point football games. Take a scenic fall foliage cruise along the Hudson, watch the dazzling fireworks on a 4th of July cruise, or site-see along the New York Harbor!

Martha’s Vineyard

41.39162° N, 70.639343° W

From New York City, New Jersey, New Bedford, and Boston

Sandy Hook Beach

40.477456° N, 74.014721° W

From Wall St. and E. 35th St., New York City

Commute with Seastreak!

Transform your workday

Commute with Seastreak!

Transform your workday

How much of your life are you spending in crowded buses and trains or stressful bumper-to-bumper traffic? Take Seastreak to work and transform your every day life. We cruise commuters seven days a week from Highlands and Atlantic Highlands, NJ across the beautiful New York Harbor to Wall St., East 35th St., Jersey City, and Hoboken and back, or vice versa. Affectionately called by our hundreds of daily commuters as “the most civilized commute in New York,” try it once and you’ll never go back to your old way of commuting again.

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