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1930’s Hollywood Glamour and… a MURDER.

The Quarterdeck at Highlands, NJ
Saturday, March 16th & Saturday, May 18th
6 pm- approximately 9:00 pm
$100 (Ages 21+ Only)
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Murder Mystery Dinner Party on the Quarterdeck

1930’s Hollywood Glamour and… a MURDER.

Seastreak invited the Murder Mystery Company to the Quarterdeck for a special opportunity to experience, participate in, and solve a crime. Do you have what it takes to catch the killer?

The Murder Mystery Company are the pros when it comes to hosting Murder Mystery events. A team of actors will help to advance the plot of the evening’s events as you and your fellow guests uncover clues and solve the mystery of ‘whodunnit’. Play the part of a suspect and detective as you and your team discover who committed the crime. By party’s end, the killer will be revealed from the pool of suspects, including the guests of the party!

  • What to Expect

    This murder mystery party is a (21+) themed event where attendees dress up to match an era or a genre. You will then work together to solve a fictitious murder which occurs during the party. This event is often compared to a live-action version of the game Clue! The actors will walk the group through the events of the evening.


    The night starts with an hour of mingling. This is when you will go over the rules, set the scene, and hand out suspect roles. Once seated for dinner, watch the three acts of the show that cover the murder, investigation, and final sentencing. You have the option to be as involved as you wish! Sit back, observe the show, and see if you can work with your table to spot the killer. Or, volunteer to act the role of a suspect!

  • The Murder

    The theme for the evening is 1930’s Hollywood glamour. Imagine you’ve been invited to a wealthy producer’s home. He’s gathered all his enemies in one room and predicts his own death. Uncover stories of blackmail, adultery, and more to identify the killer.


    All guests are encouraged to embrace the theme and dress in elegant clothing inspired by Hollywood in the 1930’s. Think jewelry, red lipstick, and pinstripe suits! For more ideas, check out this inspiration board on Pinterest: The Murder Mystery Co. (murdermysterycompany) – Profile | Pinterest

  • Dinner from Jacques!

    It’s dinner and a show! Grab a drink at the bar and then visit the buffet. Fill your plate with penne ala vodka, garlic mashed potatoes, string beans almondine, rolled eggplant parmigiana, champagne chicken, beef bourguignon, sausage, grilled peppers, and tossed salad, and then head to your table. Once everyone is seated, Act 1 will begin.


    Email us before the event to sit with your friends and family! Simply purchase your tickets and email your request to [email protected] with the name on your booking, your order ID number and a list naming all the people included in your party. Each table seats 10 people. With the information we receive, we will do our best to seat everyone accordingly.

  • The Quarterdeck

    The Quarterdeck, on the second floor of the Seastreak ferry terminal in Highlands, NJ, is the perfect setting for a dinner party (especially one with a bit of mystery)! The beautiful space has seating for up to 80 people with stunning views of the Shrewsbury River, Sandy Hook’s beaches, and the NYC skyline.


    As you walk onto the premises, you may notice the slightest sway under your feet. This is because the Quarterdeck is located on a stationed barge! This floating room gives the phrase “waterfront” a whole new meaning.


Schedule & Pricing

Buy your tickets online, in advance!

Event Dates

March 16th
May 18th



Adult (Ages 21 & Older)

Event Route

Seastreak Ferry Terminal at Highlands

326 Shore Drive - Highlands, NJ 07732View Map

Ticket Office Hours

M-F: 5:00am - 8:30am, 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Sat/Sun: 8:00am - 7:30pm

Directions, Nearby Amenities, Additional Details

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Port Features
  • Bike Rack
  • Covered Waiting Area
  • Free Daytime Parking
  • Free Overnight Parking (restrictions apply)
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Refreshments
  • Restrooms

Logistics & What to Know

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·         Dress in your best outfit inspired by Hollywood in the 1930’s. There will be an award for the best costume!

·         Dinner is included in the cost of your ticket. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.

·         No outside beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) can be brought into the venue.

·         Tables of 10 people can be reserved ahead of time to ensure seating with your group. To request a table email [email protected] with name on booking and order ID #.

·         This is a 21+ event.


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