New York City changes to suit the times like a chameleon changes colors. (New York doesn’t have the funky eyeballs, though.) Eras change, and the Big Apple shifts right along with them to reflect the world around it. Despite this, the beating heart of New York keeps the same, steady rhythm it always has. You can hear it in obvious landmarks like Times Square, or Grand Central Station, but you can also get a listen in the smaller niches that give New York City its character. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop is one of those places! Find out why at 174 Fifth Avenue.

Eisenberg's Sandwhich Shop 1

Taking Cholesterol to a High Art

Doctors advise their patients to keep their cholesterol numbers low, but some folks treat their cholesterol like a high-scoring game. These people shouldn’t miss out on Eisenberg’s. This fabulous, classic diner has been raising the city’s cholesterol since 1929. Delicious food made with old-fashioned care brings customers back time and time again.

Never a Bad Time for Breakfast

You can get breakfast served all day at Eisenberg’s, so even if you sleep in, you won’t miss out. Have a plate full of eggs, French toast, or pancakes, or try out one of the mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches. A breakfast BLT, with a fried egg on it, can’t help but hit the spot. Or try out the LEO, with lox, eggs, and onion for a real treat.

Eisenberg's Sandwhich Shop 2

The selection of sandwiches for lunch can’t be beat. Not up for a sandwich? Give the daily specials a look. Tuesday and Thursday are meatloaf day, served with mashed potatoes and savory gravy, and vegetables, too.

Seastreak is proud to be a cholesterol-free part of the New York City tradition! (Be aware, the snacks served at our cash bars can’t necessarily make the same claim.) We’re setting the standard for comfort and customer service.


Sea you soon!

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