Everyone loves a film festival. It’s like going to the movies to the third power! But let’s not forget that the silver screen isn’t the only screen out there. At most film festivals, movies may be all you’ll see, but this year you have an opportunity to see more at the Jersey City International Television & Film Festival from October 16-18th.
The Festival of Films
When is a film festival more than a film festival? When it includes not just film, but television pilots, student films, and scripts. The goal of the festival is to showcase the cinematic arts and to bolster Jersey City’s ongoing cultural renaissance and cultural heritage, as well as to allow artists to connect with each other and further their career aspirations. Now in its second year, the festival delivers all this and more in a fun-filled package.

Some of this Year’s Films
This year offers a wonderful spread of features, each as enjoyable as the next. Here are just a few of the JCITFF’s offerings.

Digital Physics
Digital Physics is the story of a man named Khatchig. Set in the 1980s, it follows him as he pursues a quest for truth in math, physics, logic, and life. When Khatchig develops the theory that the world might exist inside a computer simulation, however, things start to become more difficult in his life, and he must deal with derision, unrequited love, and his own questionable mental state.
The Stockroom
Set in 1998, The Stockroom follows Joseph Rodriguez, a stockroom supervisor who is approaching the tenth anniversary of his work. After a failed promotion, he is rethinking his buried dream of becoming a stand-up comic, but the clock is counting down to midnight of his anniversary — and urban legend says that spending 10 years in a stock room means you’re there for life.
The Jersey City International Television & Film Festival offers numerous films for every palette, and is one of Jersey City’s up-and-coming cultural events. Make sure to culture yourself on the way over by coming via Seastreak. You’ll arrive with the right frame of mind to truly enjoy yourself and appreciate everything the festival has to offer.

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