The American diner is an eternal institution. Buried in the Constitution is the declaration that all citizens of our great nation will have access to food that tastes like someone’s mother made it with love. This food shall be served in a charming space that reminds you of simpler, happier times. (Okay, so, this didn’t happen, but it should have. The Framers had a lot to think about, and it slipped their minds.) You can find an iconic American diner in a charming, old-fashioned town over in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, at Town and Surf Diner, at 77 First Avenue!

Town and Surf Diner 1

An American Classic

Town and Surf has everything you could want in a diner, and then more on top of that. It’s the epitome of a small town diner, the sort of place where everyone knows your name. The people here treat their customers like friends, and we could all wish we had friends who’d bring us delicious food when we wanted it.

And the food is delicious, no question about it. Town and Surf Diner has a broad selection of dishes on their menu, from traditional diner fare to less common entrees you’ll love. Order everything from a hearty breakfast to a decadent dessert. You’ll want to visit again.

Town and Surf Diner 2

You Want Fries with That

Sure, we could tell you about the omelets, or the pancakes. Or the hot spinach dip, or the big salads. Could have mentioned the huge selection of burgers, or the seafood entrees. We definitely should have mentioned the Town and Surf special, with London broil, flounder, shrimp, and scallops. But no. We want to talk about the fries.

They have French fries. They have onion rings. But in the mark of a fabulous diner, they have sweet potato fries, too. This is the very pinnacle of diner-hood.

Seastreak ferries are better than sweet potato fries. Test out this shining endorsement for yourself by hopping aboard for a trip to Atlantic Highlands!


Sea you soon!

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