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Chase the Winter Cold Away with a Hot Bowl of Ramen at Ramen Lab

  February 27, 2015  //  Ramen Lab

Winter has decided to overstay its welcome. It lingers, like family who keep prolonging a sudden stay to spend “just a couple more days” camped out in your guest room. Icy, freezing weather is worse than guests who just won’t go (your mileage may vary), but easier to escape for a little while. A hot…

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See Helen Mirren Don the Crown in “The Audience” on Broadway

  February 26, 2015  //  The Audience

Royalty holds a curious appeal for plenty of people around the globe, but perhaps especially Americans. We elect a person to head our government (which is often like nominating someone to stand in front of a dart board), but they don’t get a crown with the position. We tell fairy tales about paupers discovering they’re…

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Enjoy the Taste of Homemade Italian Food at Christine’s Italian Restaurant in Atlantic Highlands

  February 25, 2015  //  Christine’s Italian Restaurant

One of the highest compliments often paid to restaurants is, “The food tasted just like homemade.” That’s a bit ironic, if you think about it. You’ve gone out to eat, and yet, you’re commending your dinner for tasting like what you could have gotten from your kitchen. But “homemade” means more than a lack of…

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Famous Sushi Restaurant Zuma Opens in New York at Last

  February 24, 2015  //  Zuma

Sushi brings the world together and unites it in the love of fancy fish. All right, that might be an exaggeration (just maybe), but sushi does have a tremendous international appeal. Restaurants that serve excellent sushi enjoy undeniable celebrity attention, and with some big-name restaurants prominent in the culinary spotlight. Until recently, New Yorkers have…

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Taste New and Delicious Food and Drink Pairings at Edible Manhattan’s Good Spirits Event

  February 23, 2015  //  Edible Manhattan’s 6th Annual Good Spirits

History is full of famous and fabulous pairings. Bonnie and Clyde. Sonny and Cher. Seastreak and the Hudson. In most cases, the individual parts of each set are exciting by themselves, but putting them with complementary second halves elevate them to a whole new level. The same goes for food and drink. Take a delicious…

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You’ll Be Glad to Eat Your Vegetables at Dirt Candy

  February 20, 2015  //  Dirt Candy

Everyone loves candy. Our favorite generic confection sees use as a delicious temptation in songs, where lips are as sweet as the stuff, or in metaphors, where we’re taking it from hapless infants. All this positive press gives restaurants with the word “candy” in the name a leg up when it comes to appeal. Even…

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Remember the 90s? Then Don’t Miss “Hey 90s Kids, You’re Old” at the FRIGID Festival

  February 19, 2015  //  Hey 90s Kids You’re Old

Let’s have a show of hands. How many people remember diligently minding the needs of a Tamagotchi? (Are you still taking care of that thing? If not, we might have some sad news to break to you about its health and well-being.) Were the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers your favorite show? All right, put your…

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Celebrate the Year of the Goat at the Firecracker Ceremony and New Year Parade

  February 18, 2015  //  Uncategorized

Do you know what this year is? Yes, it’s 2015, but that’s not what we mean. No, it’s not election year. (That’s next year. You’ve got one whole year before you want to hide in a closet to escape all the howling.) It’s the Year of the Goat! The Chinese New Year starts on February…

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Taste True Naples Pizza at Prova

  February 17, 2015  //  Uncategorized

Pizza. If we were to build a metaphorical temple to New York cuisine, pizzas would make up both the brick and the mortar of the foundation floor. (Cheese makes a pretty good glue.) With pizza playing such a central role in our food culture, it’s easy to forget we didn’t come up with it. The…

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An Oppor-tuna-ty for a Fresh Fish Dinner Awaits at Navesink Fishery in Atlantic Highlands

  February 13, 2015  //  Navesink Fishery

Much in life gets better with age. Wine, for example. A glass of young wine is called “grape juice”, and it’s not nearly so thrilling as a glass of chardonnay. Or cheese. Aged cheese has a sharpness and character you won’t find in a younger batch. People get better as they age, as well, refining…

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