Pizza. If we were to build a metaphorical temple to New York cuisine, pizzas would make up both the brick and the mortar of the foundation floor. (Cheese makes a pretty good glue.) With pizza playing such a central role in our food culture, it’s easy to forget we didn’t come up with it. The taste of an authentic pie can make you feel like you’re in the homeland of pizza, thousands of miles away. Let your taste buds take you for a culinary Italian vacation by trying out Manhattan’s newest pizza place, Prova! It’s at 184 8th Avenue.

Prova 1

The Pie is Not a Lie

Prova has one simple, abiding formula for making the most delicious and authentic pizzas in town. Start with a chef who knows what he’s doing. That’s Pasquale Cozzolino, a man passionate about the culinary history of Naples. Next, give that chef the right ingredients. All the pizzas at Prova are made with Michelin quality ingredients. That’s the same stuff you get at the fanciest restaurants in town.

Prova 2

Finish the creation off by baking it in an oven built from scratch by famous Italian craftsman Stefano Ferrara. The result is a pizza that redefines “deluxe”. You can choose from a selection of classic, traditional Italian pies, such as the perennial favorite Margherita, or a new style of pizza like the Unica, with sea urchin and squid ink.

Prova 3

Accompaniments from the Vine

Prova offers a fantastic selection of wines to pair with your meal. All these wines come from Naples, to top off the true Italian experience. Beer drinkers aren’t left out in the cold. There’s also Italian beers to enjoy!

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