Royalty holds a curious appeal for plenty of people around the globe, but perhaps especially Americans. We elect a person to head our government (which is often like nominating someone to stand in front of a dart board), but they don’t get a crown with the position. We tell fairy tales about paupers discovering they’re nobles, and living happily ever after, but what’s the life of a queen really like? One show on Broadway has imagined just that, and what a show it is. Dame Helen Mirren (an honest-to-goodness knight) stars as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Audience”, playing for a limited engagement at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater (236 West 45th Street)!

The Audience 1

Her Royal Highness

Queen Elizabeth II took office in 1952. Since then, she’s held private, weekly meetings with whichever of the twelve Prime Ministers she’s worked with sat in office at the time. “The Audience” imagines what might have transpired at these meetings, and as it does, makes observations about the events that have shaped this fascinating monarch.

The Audience 2

We have the answer to the most foremost question on everyone’s mind: Yes. There are real corgis onstage for “The Audience”. What portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II would be complete without them?

The Audience 3

A Knight in Shining Stage Lights

Dame Helen Mirren plays queens like no one else. She’s portrayed Queen Elizabeth II on the silver screen (and won an Academy Award for her performance), and interestingly, she also played Elizabeth I for an HBO miniseries! She’s taken on Cleopatra, and Queen Charlotte as well. This is her first appearance onstage in 12 years, since her Tony-nominated run in “Dance of Death” in 2002.

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