Everyone loves candy. Our favorite generic confection sees use as a delicious temptation in songs, where lips are as sweet as the stuff, or in metaphors, where we’re taking it from hapless infants. All this positive press gives restaurants with the word “candy” in the name a leg up when it comes to appeal. Even when the name is Dirt Candy. When you think about it, that’s a whole new way to look at vegetables, just like the food served at this award-winning eatery. They’ve recently re-opened at a larger location at 86 Allen Street!

Dirt Candy 1

Nothing Like Mud Pies

Dirt Candy is a vegetarian paradise. Even self-avowed carnivores will come away from a meal here with a whole new appreciation for veggies. The menu items show a creative flair anyone can enjoy.

Dirt Candy 2

Share a simmering cabbage hot pot, with lotus root, kimchi, ginger, and cabbage noodles. Or why not start your meal with Portobello mousse with sautéed pears, cherries, and truffle toast? For a main dish, you can’t go wrong with the eggplant, served with baby bok choi, pea shoots, and eggplant sformata. Even dessert will challenge how you look at vegetables, with a carrot meringue pie to drool over.

Dirt Candy 3

Bigger and Better

The original Dirt Candy location stayed open for six years. During that time, it picked up some impressive accolades. It was the first restaurant in 17 years to get two stars from the New York Times, it received recognition from the Michelin Guide five years in a row, and won many awards from culinary magazines. With all those in mind, it’s no surprise they needed to upgrade their digs to something a little larger.

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