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Posts in April 2014

Tribeca Film Festival

  April 17, 2014  //  Tribeca Film Festival

All hail the Tribeca Film Festival. It began April 16th, and anxious cinephiles can finally get their taste of the new wave of indie films. Bringing together famous and emerging film stars in features, documentaries, shorts and talks the festival never fails to disappoint. Standouts and must-sees include the feature About Alex starring a staggering…

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Bill Cunningham “Facades”

  April 16, 2014  //  Bill Cunningham "Facades"

Street photographer Bill Cunningham is beloved by fashionistas, bloggers, visual artists and just about anyone looking for inspiration. His photographs grace the pages of The New York Times, and now the walls of the New York Historical Society. His weekly column for The New York Times documents, dissects and summarizes trends that catch his eye.…

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The National Archives of New York

  April 14, 2014  //  The National Archives of New York

Create your own history lesson by researching your family history dating back to Ellis Island arrivals or learn about someone else’s history at The National Archives of New York City. Located downtown at One Bowling Green, the archives are a historical wonderland for those curious about everything and anything. Dubbed a “walk in research experience”,…

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South Street Seaport

  April 10, 2014  //  South Street Seaport

If you take Seastreak into the city you don’t have far to go to enjoy and explore classic downtown Manhattan. Our Pier 11 stop is only 2 blocks away from the South Street Seaport at Pier 17, which is still rich in history hundreds of years after being a shipping port for residents. Stroll the…

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  April 9, 2014  //  Psychics

Everyone should visit a psychic once in their life for A) the fun of it and B) for curiosity’s sake. New York City is crawling with magical, spiritual and classically educated people who can read your palm, heal your soul and tell your future. A must-do for the astrology obsessed (guilty!), but who wouldn’t want…

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New York City Easter

  April 8, 2014  //  Easter

Grab your bonnet and be part of New York City’s annual Easter Parade this year because why would you pass up the opportunity? It’s free and full of spectacles, with thousands of people celebrating by showing off their Easter hats. Things get fancy since the parade has turned into a photo op and informal competition…

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Get Up and Ride Bike Tours

  April 7, 2014  //  Get Up and Ride Bike Tours

Brooklyn waterfront neighborhoods are some of the most beautiful in New York City. Get Up and Ride offers bike tours of Brooklyn that touch on the history, food and beauty from a local’s perspective. The large borough offers a lot in the way of brunch, pastries and scenery. All you have to do is show…

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Art Classes

  April 4, 2014  //  Art Classes

Does drawing a stick figure give you anxiety? You probably weren’t an artsy kid then. Maybe you would like to get over your fear or just learn a new skill? Art in any form is a great hobby; it can be therapeutic, but also wildly imaginative. Awake your inner Picasso with these engaging art classes…

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Of Mice and Men on Broadway

  April 3, 2014  //  Of Mice and Men on Broadway

If either high school English or celeb stalking is your thing, we’ve got you covered! Of Mice and Men just began previews on Broadway and it stars none other than Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) and James Franco (of basically every movie you love fame). The two and a half hour long drama, based…

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