Brooklyn waterfront neighborhoods are some of the most beautiful in New York City. Get Up and Ride offers bike tours of Brooklyn that touch on the history, food and beauty from a local’s perspective. The large borough offers a lot in the way of brunch, pastries and scenery. All you have to do is show up!

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Get Up and Ride supplies the bike, helmet, walkie-talkie (so you can listen to your guide as you ride) and your food. They keep groups under 11 people so it’s manageable size. The speed is relaxed and more like a leisurely ride with friends than any kind of race. It’s fun, great exercise and such a unique experience.

Choose from their selection of tours like the “Classic”, which takes you all over Brooklyn for four and a half hours, or the “Brunch in Brooklyn” tour that culminates with brunch at a Brooklyn favorite. Add on a pre-bike rooftop yoga class for some much needed muscle stretching, and we’d say you can call yourself a Brooklynite! They also specialize in custom tours for large groups, families and corporate events. Children older than 16 and taller than 5 feet are welcome; however younger kids can tag along if you book a private family tour.

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Tours last anywhere from three to five hours, and have plenty of stops to rest your legs and fill your tummy! You’ll see the real Brooklyn most tourists don’t get to see, and will have ample time to soak it all in. All tours begin in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood and start at $60 a person. The majority are perfect for city biking novices because they take safe streets with dedicated bike lanes. Barring horrendous thunderstorms, tours are given rain or shine. No matter what the weather is, though, the waterfront views never fail to sparkle.

135 North 11th Street

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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