Grab your bonnet and be part of New York City’s annual Easter Parade this year because why would you pass up the opportunity?

It’s free and full of spectacles, with thousands of people celebrating by showing off their Easter hats. Things get fancy since the parade has turned into a photo op and informal competition for whose head can hold the craziest deigns atop it. Starting at 10am and lasting until 4pm on April 20th, the parade takes place on Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets. The best place to watch (and pray your picture is taken) is around St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

NYC Easter 1

East Parade April 20th


Fifth Avenue 49th to 57th Streets

You can then hop over to Full Bunny Contact, an Easter carnival serving up all the tricks for four days of fun. Admission is $10 and gets you access to the dance floor, food and games. The games at this carnival aren’t your average “knock the bottles over” type though; it’s more like “grab all the Easter eggs with prizes in them without getting flustered by the giant bunny in your way.” Prizes won’t pay your rent, but they do include gift certificates, food and other cool swag.

NYC Easter 4

Other games you’ll find are putt putt with raw eggs, race against a live rabbit with a tortoise shell strapped to your back, tic tac toe against a chicken, a dunk tank and a rabbit fortune teller.

If you’re planning your visit in advance, keep in mind their awesome special events like the bunny beauty pageant, egg decorating contest, and temper tantrum contest (may the biggest brat win)!

When you buy your tickets in advance you’re given more booth tickets to spend on games than if you buy at the door. If you want to participate, daytime entry and 25 tickets is $20 while evening entry (after 7pm) is $30. While kids age 4 and under are free, the event is suggested for people 15 years old and up.

Easter Carnival

The Clemente

            107 Suffolk St

New York, NY 10002

(212) 260-4080

April 17th – April 20th


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