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Posts in September 2014

Eat Your Heart Out at Smorgasburg

  September 30, 2014  //  Eat Your Heart Out at Smorgasburg

Food trucks ought to come with the same kind of music players ice cream trucks do. That way, we’d know when to run out and grab some good food. Until November 23, though, you won’t have to look hard to find some of the most creative eats in New York. On Saturdays, you can go…

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North End Grill

  September 26, 2014  //  North End Grill

Only the Freshest Ingredients at North End Grill Some restaurants boast about the level to which they craft their own components. Could be they churn their own butter, or they let their resident spiritualist consult the ghosts of long-dead baristas to choose every bean in their special coffee roast. (All right, we haven’t ever seen…

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Get Into the Spirit at Hereafter Musical

  September 25, 2014  //  Hereafter

It’s going to get heavy here for a moment. The death of a loved one leaves holes in the lives of those left behind. It can be hard to know how to tie off the loose ends left behind, or to get over the need to talk to the deceased just one more time. This…

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Central Perk Comes to Life For the “Friends” 20-Year Anniversary!

  September 23, 2014  //  Uncategorized

Twenty years ago, a group of pals got together in their favorite coffee hangout, and invited us to watch their entirely wacky lives unfold. (Twenty years? Let’s all take this moment to feel old together.) For ten seasons, we listened to renditions of “Smelly Cat” and watched as Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey…

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Beef Up Your Next Meal at Les Halles Downtown

  September 18, 2014  //  Les Halles

Seastreak’s full of patriots, and we’re big believers in the red, white, and blue. (Though when you look at our ferries, you’ll notice we’re kind of fond of blue. What can we say? It’s nautical.) One of the coolest parts of America is how it’s full of influences from other countries brought together to give…

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