Twenty years ago, a group of pals got together in their favorite coffee hangout, and invited us to watch their entirely wacky lives unfold. (Twenty years? Let’s all take this moment to feel old together.) For ten seasons, we listened to renditions of “Smelly Cat” and watched as Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey gathered in Central Perk coffee shop to fill each other in on their latest shenanigans. Until October 13, you can spend a little time in Central Perk yourself! Warner Brothers and Eight O’Clock Coffee have partnered up to bring Central Perk to life at 199 Lafayette Street!

Central Perk 1

The Perks of Nostalgia

Friends fans won’t want to miss the chance to grab a cup of coffee and bask in the familiar atmosphere of this famous fictional coffee shop. Visitors can wrap their hands around a free cup of coffee as they feast their eyes on this faithful recreation of the television show’s famous café. This pop-up shop is outfitted with authentic props, including the distinctive orange couch!

Central Perk 2

In addition to all the decorative memorabilia, there’s a Friends museum that includes costumes, signed scripts, and even Phoebe’s guitar. Eight O’Clock Coffee has created a special, commemorative coffee roast for the occasion. Take home a bag of beans, and some of the Friends merchandise they’ll have for sale.

Central Perk 3

Have Fun with Friends

Throughout this special anniversary celebration, Central Perk will have live musical performances, giveaways each day, and trivia contests. There’ll even be a special guest appearance by James Michael Tyler, who played barista Gunther. If you couldn’t get enough of the show during its run, or you miss spending time with your favorite Friends, this is a great chance to indulge your sentimental memories.

Seastreak will be there for you when the rain starts to pour. We’ll be there for you like we’ve been there before. We’ll even be there to get the Friends theme song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Sea you soon!

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