Only the Freshest Ingredients at North End Grill

Some restaurants boast about the level to which they craft their own components. Could be they churn their own butter, or they let their resident spiritualist consult the ghosts of long-dead baristas to choose every bean in their special coffee roast. (All right, we haven’t ever seen a restaurant do that, but we’d eat there in a heartbeat if we did.) Not many restaurants can say they grow their own produce in a garden they tend themselves. North End Grill, at 104 North End Avenue, has that distinction.

North End Grill 2

Your Best Friend’s Grill

Danny Meyer, owner of a number of New York’s best places to eat, lends his touch to this gem of a bar and grill. He’s got a brilliant team in the unique open kitchen, starring Chef Eric Korsh of Waverly Inn fame. The restaurant’s food philosophy stems from the culinary philosophy that extraordinary results come from applying great technique to three excellent ingredients.

North End Grill

Where do some of those excellent ingredients come from? A 1,000-square-foot rooftop farm that’s 16 stories above the establishment. Chef Korsh and his food minions tend this garden themselves, and pick the produce as it comes ripe.

The opposite of fresh produce is good, aged Scotch, and you’ll find that at North End Grill, too. They have more than 150 single malt Scotches available. Not sure which you’d like to try? The staff is trained to help you find the perfect drink.

Fresh-Picked Deals

September 30th is right around the corner. Get in on the Lower Manhattan Tuesdays deals while you still can! North End Grill will give you a short rib burger and any draft beer for $15 with this promotion. You have at least one more Tuesday to snag these savings!

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