It’s going to get heavy here for a moment. The death of a loved one leaves holes in the lives of those left behind. It can be hard to know how to tie off the loose ends left behind, or to get over the need to talk to the deceased just one more time. This desperate desire for one more moment to connect to the dearly departed is the soul of the show Hereafter Musical. It’s a show that’s newly re-opened at the Snapple Theater Center (210 West 50th Street).

Hereafter 1

Gone but Not Forgotten

Three women who are coping with the losses of their loved ones have come together in the home of a world-renowned psychic, each with the hope that they can talk to those they’ve lost once more. All of them have discovered, moving on with life is not easy. It’s difficult to go forward when the past still clings and tries to pull you back again.

What they don’t realize is, the spirits of the departed haven’t found it any easier. They linger in the place between life and death, watching those they’ve loved grieve and struggle with their mourning. It’s a difficult place, watching a life you can’t touch and beloved people you can’t comfort, but is it better than braving the unknown of the Hereafter?

Hereafter 2


Good Spirits

The show is a drama, interspersed with light moments and musical numbers. You’re sure to both laugh and cry, and the songs will stick with you long after the final curtain has fallen. Be sure to bring some tissues with you, but also be prepared to leave the theater with a lighter heart!

Seastreak ferries are a comfortable place to sail off the last of your sniffles after the show is over! We’ll never judge you for crying at a show. Take a drink from our full-service bar up on deck, and let the sights and sounds remind you of the best parts of life.


Sea you soon!

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