At Seastreak, we like to keep our customers updated on the most interesting things to do in New York, so you don’t have to go digging for a way to pass the time. Folks who don’t know about our blog (poor, deprived souls that they are) and want to know what’s happening in the city might have to google it. You can learn more about the birth of that expression, “just google it”, and the success of the company behind it, at 92Y, Kaufmann Concert Hall (1395 Lexington Avenue) on September 23. Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg in Conversation with Stephen Colbert promises to be a funny and informative evening with people who helped make Google the internet leviathan it is today.

Google and Colbert 1

An Evening with Internet Architects

The expression “just google it” has become part of our everyday lexicon. It’s synonymous with telling someone to look something up, or even to use any search engine to find a fact. Google has changed the way we think, and how we function in our daily lives. Two of the search giant’s brightest stars are sitting down with the infamous Stephen Colbert to talk about their new book, How Google Works, and give an inside view of Google’s culture, strategies, and values.

Google and Colbert 2

Eric Schmidt was Google’s CEO from 2001 until 2011, and is now its executive chairman. Jonathan Rosenberg managed both design and development of many of Google’s most popular products, such as Gmail and Android, and now serves as advisor to Google’s CEO Larry Page. They’re perfectly poised to give insights into how Google has achieved success and notoriety.

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