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Posts in October 2013

Halloween Night Last Minute Ideas

  October 29, 2013  //  Halloween Night Last Minute Ideas

Halloween, the night of horrors and haunts, is finally upon us! Bulk bags of candy have been bought, costumes have been created, ghastly decorations have been hung, and children are ready for long neighborhood treks. Somehow, the day crept up on you without notice, and now you’re a ghost without a haunt. What do you…

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Chasing an Army Legend at West Point

  October 28, 2013  //  Chasing an Army Legend at West Point

Chasing an Army Legend at West Point By Greg Kelly of “It was a perfect day for football. In fact, perfection was improved upon that day because I got a boat ride and talked to a US Army icon. Just recently I had the great pleasure of visiting the US Military Academy at West…

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Endless Night Vampire Ball

  October 25, 2013  //  Endless Night Vampire Ball

Vampires are always a popular choice for Halloween. They only come out at night, can transform into bats and the mythology around them is both terrifying and romantic. This Halloween you can embrace your inner Dracula at the most anticipated party of the year, the Endless Night Vampire Ball. The Endless Night party series was…

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Wicked the Musical

  October 23, 2013  //  Wicked the Musical

During Halloween there are a few costumes that people have been wearing for decades, and won’t ever go out of style. There’s the sheet ghost, the cat, and, of course, the gnarled old witch. From the beginning of American history, witches have always gotten a bad rap. They’re always made out to be mean, evil…

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The Village Halloween Parade

  October 22, 2013  //  The Village Halloween Parade

Broadway, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, costume shops on every corner! If there was ever a city made for Halloween, it would be New York. There’s inspiration at every turn, and the denizens of this great city get together every year and put on one of the best Halloween parades in the country at the Village…

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Haunted New York Walking Tours

  October 21, 2013  //  Haunted New York Walking Tours

When you think of haunted mansions, poltergeists, restless spirits and general scaries, what places come to mind? For most, it’s probably the old New England towns up north because it seems that almost all horror movies take place in these unassuming, picturesque towns. You would never imagine ghosts being in a bustling city, right? Well…

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Pier Village: Boutiques, Bars, Beach and Cafe’s

  October 18, 2013  //  Pier Village

Have you ever been to Pier Village? It’s a beach community nestled in Long Branch, and it boasts some of the best shopping boutiques, delicious dining options, and unique bars in the area! From a specialty oil store to trendy clothing spots, Pier Village has it all. And this October you’ll have a chance to…

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Tea for Two

  October 17, 2013  //  Tea for Two

Coffee may have the market in New York City, but that doesn’t mean New Yorkers and folks from New Jersey can’t enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea every now and then! Here are some of our favorite spots to grab a spot of tea for two. Bosie Tea Parlor Care for high tea delights?…

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