Vampires are always a popular choice for Halloween. They only come out at night, can transform into bats and the mythology around them is both terrifying and romantic. This Halloween you can embrace your inner Dracula at the most anticipated party of the year, the Endless Night Vampire Ball.

Seastreak Endless Night Vampire Ball

The Endless Night party series was created by Father Sebastiaan in 1996. It all began with The Vampyre Ball of New York, and the New Orleans Vampire Ball. The parties hosted by Father Sebastian grew and grew throughout the years, and soon reached epic proportions. In 2010, Tripadvisor called the New Orleans Vampire Ball “the best Halloween event in the world”.

Endless Night is a mix of multiple genres. First and foremost it is a giant Halloween party that lasts until 4am, with an atmosphere of pure energy. It is also a Venetian masquerade ball, which is filled with a mix of “deadly” vampire guests. Despite the classic attire, the event is all rock-and-roll.

At the Endless Night Vampire Ball, dress code is key. Venetian Masquerade costumes are encouraged, but if you don’t like to draw a lot of attention to yourself, you have the option of wearing all black. But where’s the fun in that? T-shirts and jeans are strictly prohibited because of the care that the planners take to make sure all attendees are able to have an authentic experience.

This is the perfect event to attend if you’re a fan of vampires, horror, the Gothic era, or you just want to make some new friends! General admission is only $16.66, if you’re interested in attending, just click here to purchase tickets!  The Ball is being held this year at Club Octagon, 301 West 39th St., New York, NY, 10018 on Thursday, October 31, from 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM.

There’s no better way to get into the city than by taking Seastreak. Our 8:30 PM departure from Highlands will get you to East 35th St. at 9:40 PM, just in time for the party! We also have a cash bar with refreshments and coffee because everyone knows that Vampires are the most active during the night!

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