During Halloween there are a few costumes that people have been wearing for decades, and won’t ever go out of style. There’s the sheet ghost, the cat, and, of course, the gnarled old witch. From the beginning of American history, witches have always gotten a bad rap. They’re always made out to be mean, evil and ugly. Even in literature and movies like the Wizard of Oz, while there may be a good witch in Glinda, there are also two very evil, very green witches. One must wonder WHY these witches are so vile and unruly, right? Well at Wicked the Musical, you finally have a chance to find out.


Wicked is a long-running Broadway show, based on a novel. Its story takes place in the land of Oz long before Dorothy stepped foot into the magical realm. The show centers around Elphaba, a smart, green and misunderstood witch who eventually claims the title of Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda, the popular and beautiful “good witch”. Watch their relationship evolve onstage as they struggle through young adulthood.

Wicked is a critically-acclaimed show which launched many of Broadway’s beginners into stardom. Throughout it’s run it has won over 50 awards, and has been called, “the best show of the decade” by Entertainment Weekly! The catchy tunes like “Popular”, paired with the brilliant performances by the cast make this show a classic. Interested in finding out more about the show, or purchasing tickets? Just click here!

After a great day in New York, it’s nice to take the Seastreak ferry back home to New Jersey. We have comfortable seats with lots of legroom, a cash bar stocked with delicious treats, and you’ll have plenty of room to start humming some of your favorite songs from the show without anyone being the wiser.

The WICKED show times that coordinate best with our departures from New Jersey are the 2:00 pm on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. We recommend our 12:20 pm departure from Highlands, NJ, on Wednesday, or the 12:00 pm departure on the weekend.  The relaxing ride on our luxurious boats paired with the beautiful views of the New York City skyline will create a breathtaking and memorable experience for you and your friends or family to talk about for years to come.

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