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Posts in August 2013

Coffee Shops Worth Traveling To

  August 31, 2013  //  Coffee Shops Worth Traveling To, New York City, Visiting New Jersey

Grabbing a cup of coffee means a lot of different things to a lot of people.  Whether getting coffee is a daily morning ritual, a fix for long work nights, or a quick and casual way to meet up with friends, it’s a staple in the lives of many.  New Yorkers and folks from New…

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Catch Army Football at West Point With Seastreak

  August 30, 2013  //  Army Football at West Point

The United States Military Academy, or West Point, is one of the toughest and most prestigious schools in the country.  It serves as a training ground for young military hopefuls with an emphasis not only on academics, but also military and physical capability. Candidates must be recommended, and then go through a physically intense initiation…

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Take Our Ferry to the Farmers Market!

  August 29, 2013  //  Destination Guides, Visiting New Jersey

If you’re from the Garden State, then you know that there are a number of farms in the great state of New Jersey.  Other states may not agree with our agricultural nickname, but that’s probably because they haven’t tried one of our delicious tomatoes! Monmouth County residents definitely know the importance of eating locally grown…

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Gazillion Bubbles Show

  August 28, 2013  //  Gazillion Bubbles Show, Kids

Bubbles are an extraordinary thing. They come from a simple solution of water and soap, but somehow they can hold a child’s interest for hours.  Despite their short lives and humble beginnings, bubbles have the ability to amaze and astound.  Now imagine someone having the power to manipulate bubbles: change their size, their shape, their…

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Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard this Labor Day

  August 27, 2013  //  Destination Guides, Visiting Martha's Vineyard

Labor Day, which marks the unofficial end of summer, is rapidly approaching! We know you’ve been meaning to go away, but just haven’t had the time. You would need to plan a whole itinerary, arrange transportation, book a hotel and do everything else that goes into planning a trip! Unless there’s an easy way to…

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Check Out: Improve Your Commute to New York Aboard A Seastreak Ferry

  August 20, 2013  //  Check Out Our Videos, Check Out: Improve Your Commute to New York

Improve Your Commute to New York Aboard A Seastreak Ferry! Why sit in hours of traffic or cram yourself into a train when you could be making your ride to and from work the best part of your day! Check out our latest video below and see why so many people have chosen to improve…

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Check Out: New York Sightseeing Cruise Aboard a Seastreak Ferry

  August 20, 2013  //  Check Out Our Videos, Check Out: New York Sightseeing Cruise, Destination Guides, New York City, Visiting New Jersey

Check out our newest video below and see what a New York sightseeing cruise aboard a Seastreak ferry is all about!     Have visitors in from out of town? Know someone who would be blown away by one-of-a-kind views of New York from the water? Take them on a round-trip and see the sights…

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Asbury Park Oysterfest

  August 19, 2013  //  Destination Guides, Visiting New Jersey

From September 6th through the 8th, welcome back the Annual Asbury Park Oysterfest!  Enjoy live music, beautiful treasures created by craft vendors, and most important of all, fresh seafood.  Come to the Carousel building in Asbury Park to join in the festivities. One perk of living on the coast, aside from the ability to get…

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Spectacular Sushi

  August 18, 2013  //  Destination Guides, New York City, Spectacular Sushi, Visiting New Jersey

Although sushi originated in Japan, the fresh seafood and sticky rice dishes are almost an American staple.  Luckily, we live on the East Coast which means we have an abundance of fresh sushi ingredients that restaurants take advantage of.  Imagine being in a landlocked state!  Check out our list of some spots where we’re sure…

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APPETITE: A Gastronomic Experience

  August 18, 2013  //  Destination Guides, Visiting New Jersey

Calling all curious epicureans!  Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey is hosting APPETITE: A Gastronomic Experience. From September 5th through the 7th, welcome celebrity chefs to the center stage, eat delicious delicacies and learn new skills in food prep! Celebrity chefs Ina Garten, Anne Burell, and Joe Bastianich with special guest, Victor Rallo,…

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