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Posts in “Visiting New Jersey”

A Magnificent Menagerie

  November 4, 2015  //  Modern Menagerie

In the mood for some interesting art in a beautiful setting? From Friday, November 6th up through Friday, February 26th, 2016, Jersey City is the place to be, as the Majestic Theater Condominiums play host to some of the works of artist Sarah Becktel in an exhibition called Modern Menagerie. For anyone who loves paintings…

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A Stroll Through History at Fort Hancock

  September 22, 2015  //  Fort Hancock

Feel like a guided tour through history this weekend? What about some very recent — but very important — history? And what if your tour guides were men who had actually lived the history they were showing you? Sounds pretty cool, right? Well put this Sunday the 27th on your calendar, because that’s the next…

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They’re No Cheap Trick

  September 21, 2015  //  Cheap Trick at Count Basie

…OK, well, actually they are. That’s their name, I mean. They’re not a cheap trick in the more common sense of the phrase. You get the idea. Anyway — music! The kind of music that gets your fingertips a-tappin’ and your feet itching to dance. That rhythmic, catchy, wonderful music that we all love so…

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No Bite’s as Bright

  September 18, 2015  //  Sea Bright Restaurants

Look into my eyes. You are getting verrrry… hungry. You can practically taste your favorite food caking your tongue. You’re probably getting thirsty, too, because your favorite food likely contains a decent amount of salt. I mean, that last bit is just statistical likelihood, there. Salt brings out the flavor in food, y’know? But your…

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Windy Seas

  September 1, 2015  //  Windansea

The good folks living over at the Sandy Hook Retreat (in case anyone wants a longer stay in the area) say that, second only to a seafood barbecue in the backyard, their favorite thing to do is visit the Windansea Tiki Bar, located at 56 Shrewsbury Ave., Highlands, NJ. And who can blame them? Not…

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Rushin’ or Not, Rush to the MORA

  August 31, 2015  //  Museum of Russian Art

When we think of painting, we tend to think of people like the Dutch masters — Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Halls, and so on. Or maybe we think a bit further back to some of Italy’s work in the Renaissance, like Leonardo da Vinci, or Michelangelo. Maybe, if we’re very aware, we even remember that there…

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Turn Back Time – Golden Age of Gaming!

  August 13, 2015  //  YESTERcades

Have you ever wished you could go back to the days when you had no more to worry about than escaping the ghosts in Pac-Man? The golden age of video gaming with its joysticks and colorful buttons has not died! YESTERcades has frozen them in time for your enjoyment! Grab the ferry to the Highlands…

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Fun, Science & Imagination

  August 11, 2015  //  Liberty Science Center

What do Clifford the Big Red Dog, electricity, and an outdoor obstacle course have in common? They all can be found at the Liberty Science Center at 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City! Look Forward to Obstacles! Every wonder what it must be like to be the spider in a spider web? On the other…

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It’s Off The Hook

  August 10, 2015  //  Off The Hook

If you have been waiting for a bite, then you will want to head over to Off The Hook, located at 1 Navesink Avenue Highlands, NJ. Where else should you eat seafood, but by the seashore? Crab Cakes, Lobster, & Shrimp Oh My! Sit back and enjoy the sea breeze, or enjoy a Sea Breeze…

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The Cars are the Stars at the Atlantic Highlands Car Show

  June 16, 2015  //  Atlantic Highlands Car Show

We’re appreciative of many mechanical inventions. Planes are terrific. We can get from the East Coast to the West Coast in a matter of hours. And who doesn’t love the refrigerator? Mm, cold sodas and leftovers. No one has rhapsodized the refrigerator in songs, though, or made movies about the romance of it. Arguably our…

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