What do Clifford the Big Red Dog, electricity, and an outdoor obstacle course have in common? They all can be found at the Liberty Science Center at 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City!

Liberty Science Center 1

Look Forward to Obstacles!
Every wonder what it must be like to be the spider in a spider web? On the other hand, how about just feeling like Spiderman and climbing around in midair? The Infinity Chamber can help you with that. The 21,000-pound structure is suspended 35 feet in the air and can easily accommodate 50 people traversing through it at one time. With 19 miles of hand woven wire forming a web-like protective barrier around the petal shaped stepping platforms – there is no fear of falling. However, that may not stop vertigo!

Liberty Science Center 2

An Electrifying Experience
What is more fun than one million volt Tesla coils, robotic drums, and musical lightning? Nothing! The Liberty Science Center will bring out all the wonderment of your childhood. Watch in amazement as electricity is channeled into controlled lightning that can produce music for your enjoyment!

Liberty Science Center 3

Liberty Science Center 4

Deep Space to Oceans Deep
The Liberty Science Museum also hosts several IMAX 3D shows. Explore the life of whales like never before, see through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope, or enjoy meeting real robots from around the world!

If you rather something more outdoorsy, look at their outdoor obstacle course! Take a hands-on approach in their BASF Lab and conduct experiments. Check out the wildlife tunnel or the Touch Tunnel – there is too much to mention!

Come Explore With Us

Come and explore with us and let Seastreak bring you to where you can see whales and get in touch with your curious side! Find your inner child without losing any of the adult comforts. There is a little scientist in all of us and we want to take you exploring!

Sea you soon!

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