We’re appreciative of many mechanical inventions. Planes are terrific. We can get from the East Coast to the West Coast in a matter of hours. And who doesn’t love the refrigerator? Mm, cold sodas and leftovers. No one has rhapsodized the refrigerator in songs, though, or made movies about the romance of it. Arguably our favorite mechanical invention of the modern era is the automobile. Cars occupy a special parking space in our hearts, as well as our culture. You can see classic cars of many eras this Saturday at the 7th Annual Atlantic Highlands Car Show! It’s happening from 10 AM to 4 PM on First Avenue!

Atlantic Highlands Car Show 1

You Got a Fast Car

Cars are more than just a means to get somewhere on the open road. They’re part of our identity as a country. A person’s car says a bit about their personality, and the Atlantic Highlands Car Show has a metric trunkload of personality on display.

Check out cars like you won’t see on the roads anymore. Everything from muscled hot rods to sleek, classy old coupes will be shined up and waiting to show off. Walk down First Avenue to get a look at these old-school beauties while you enjoy the gorgeous summer weather.

Atlantic Highlands Car Show 2

More Fun Than You Can Shake a Stickshift At

There’s more to do than just look at masterworks of vehicular engineering. Live music plays all day at the Atlantic Highlands Car Show, featuring Plato Zorba and more! The event’s great for the whole family, too. Kids can get their faces painted, as well as play games and win prizes. It’s free general admission, so this is a fabulous way to spend your Saturday!

Atlantic Highlands Car Show 3

Seastreak ferries are another modern, mechanical invention everyone loves! They’re the Bentleys of the East River, with luxurious features like indoor and outdoor seats, as well as a cash bar.


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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