The good folks living over at the Sandy Hook Retreat (in case anyone wants a longer stay in the area) say that, second only to a seafood barbecue in the backyard, their favorite thing to do is visit the Windansea Tiki Bar, located at 56 Shrewsbury Ave., Highlands, NJ. And who can blame them? Not much beats eating good food accompanied by delicious drinks while staring out over the water.

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What’s on the Menu

Windansea serves all sorts of food — provided, of course, that it tastes amazing. For a more detailed run-down, you can check out their online menu, available from their homepage. In general, though, Windansea, while hosting a wide range of seafood options, delicately prepared and often featuring shellfish (delish’!), does not skimp when it comes to serving up things found on the land. With their dynamic and dyadic menu, Windansea can satisfy both the surf-eater and the turf-eater in your party.

Now That’s What I Call Entertainment!
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But one of Windansea’s most impressive qualities is the live entertainment it trots out in the summertime! Bringing together local talent, the restaurant fills its bar with music during happy hour, creating an ambience that’s fun, soothing, or just plain cool, depending on who’s playing.

Parties and Other Packages
Want to come eat with a whole lot of people? Don’t fret! The Windansea also has packages for parties of 20, 30, 40, even 50 and more! Wow, you must be really popular to need food for that many people. Hats off to you — whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.
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The Windansea provides its patrons with amazing food, high-quality drinks, and beautiful music to help just make their days a little better. And on Seastreak, you’ll get that same type of treatment, and that same chance to eat and drink while looking out over the water.


Sea you Soon!
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