The United States Military Academy, or West Point, is one of the toughest and most prestigious schools in the country.  It serves as a training ground for young military hopefuls with an emphasis not only on academics, but also military and physical capability. Candidates must be recommended, and then go through a physically intense initiation period before becoming full-fledged students. This is not your average four-year school.

NCAA Football: A Temple at Army

So what do you imagine a group of physically fit and capable young men do for fun?  Why play football of course!  And you can see their team, the Black Knights, in action with Seastreak.

When you ride to West Point on one of our Seastreak ferries, you’ll be cruising up the Hudson River and watching the leaves change into their autumn coats right before your eyes. The tranquil and beautiful ride will take your breath away.  Paired with our comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, and our cash bar stocked with the classics, it might be difficult to get off the boat when it finally docks!  But the excitement is just beginning.

Watching a game at Michie Stadium is one of the greatest experiences in all of sports. From a review from Dan Van Wie “If you have never attended a football game at Michie Stadium, please go ahead and put this on your bucket list of football stadiums that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.” And, ” as for atmosphere, you can’t beat the West Point experience. After every Army score, there is a cannon that is fired off from the other side of Lusk Reservoir. Cadets and the Army cheerleaders get down on the field and start cranking out pushups. The higher the score, the more pushups they do.”

Once you get to West Point, feel free to explore as they have the oldest military museum in the country located on their scenic and well-manicured campus.  Once you check in and take your seats, get ready for a ride!  The action and thrill of an Army game is unmatched.

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Are you interested in seeing Army play this season? To purchase ticket packages including transportation and tickets to the game, or transportation alone, click here.  For more information, click here!  Do you want to experience autumn on the Hudson River without the sporting element?  Then click here for more information about our Hudson River tours!

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