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The Fest That’s The Best

  September 24, 2015  //  Oktoberfest

It’s that time of the year! Put on your white shirt, fish out your lederhosen, and grab a stein, because it’s Oktoberfest! Ever since 1810, this Bavarian Volksfest (beer festival and traveling funfair) has captured the hearts, minds, and parched throats of millions. New York is celebrating right along with the rest of the world…

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A Day Amongst the Books

  September 16, 2015  //  Oak Bluffs Library

You like reading, right? Well of course you do. If the thought of reading was so repellent to you, you wouldn’t be reading this (very artfully written) blog. And then you wouldn’t be getting all these great ideas for places to go on Seastreak. And then you would be sad. And we can’t have that,…

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Oktoberfest at Highlands With Seastreak

  September 2, 2015  //  Bear Mountain Oktoberfest, Destination Guides

Oktoberfest was originally held in honor of Bavarian Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 17, 1810. Although it is still widely celebrated in Germany, it has evolved into a celebration of Bavarian culture as opposed to a celebration of the marriage between King Ludwig and Queen Therese.  (He wasn’t very faithful…

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Chocolate, and Frogs, and Relaxation…

  August 26, 2015  //  Chocolate and Frogs and Relaxation…

Nope. Not doing the “Oh My!” reference today. We’ll keep it in our back pocket for a while, until we need it. More importantly — have you been to Martha’s Vineyard lately? No? Do you like chocolate? Of course you do. How about sitting down for a good meal and a microbrew at the end…

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Wine Tasting & Shellfish Education

  August 20, 2015  //  Farm. Field. Sea.

They may not be able to give shellfish an education, but at Farm.Field.Sea they can offer you an education on shellfish! Martha’s Vineyard once again does not fail to amaze and delight! Behind The Culinary Curtain Now you can get a peek behind the culinary curtain. Farm.Field.Sea has made it possible for you to roll…

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The Faithful & True Gay Head Lighthouse

  August 18, 2015  //  The Faithful & True Gay Head Lighthouse

Through gale winds and the roaring storms of winter, one thing stands straight and true atop the 130-foot clay-colored cliffs– The Gay Head Lighthouse in Martha’s Vineyard. The Gay Head Lighthouse is also known as the Aquinnah Lighthouse. It is one of the many beautiful and historic lighthouses in New England. A Beacon of Hope…

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Your Organic Spa Escape

  August 14, 2015  //  Your Organic Spa Escape

Close your eyes and experience the sweet and woodsy scents of jasmine mixed with sandalwood. Imagine a life of ease and complete relaxation where your problems simply wash away. Martha’s Vineyard once again has delivered your utopia at The Mod Spa at 243 Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown. Retreat to Your Island Nirvana Bring your bridal…

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Feeling Internationally Festive

  August 12, 2015  //  Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival

Martha has done it again – Martha’s Vineyard that is. Welcome the 10th Anniversary Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival! Join movie and television stars, special guests, and all the big screen fun from September 8th to September 13th at the MV Film Center at 79 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven, MA. Find Exclusive Access Want exclusive…

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Come See The Light & Dine with The Stars

  July 24, 2015  //  Sandy Hook Beach

The Sandy Hook Light is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the United States! There is more than just a touch of history to be found at Sandy Hook. From architecture dating back to the first days of U.S. independence, homes from the Civil War era and even landmarks and artillery from WWII – there…

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Martha, Martha, Martha!

  July 22, 2015  //  Visiting Martha's Vineyard

Make it a weekend of fun and sun at Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard! Enchanted Chocolates, Pirates, & Flying Horses Enjoy Oak Bluff’s campground, which is actually a sweet little community of quirky and colorful cottages. During your adventure you will find an old carousel, Flying Horses, where you can try grabbing the brass ring,…

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